The Bike Share is Coming

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

(Photo by Andrea Bernstein)

NYC's bike share program is accepting registrations, and docks are already installed in some locations. WNYC's metro editor, Andrea Bernstein, explains what you need to know to register for the program.


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Andrea Bernstein

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FIshmael from NYC

It's really a shame that entire neighborhoods have been cut out of this. While I understand the virtues of doing a pilot program, it seems odd to me that it didn't include *all* of Manhattan - after all, there are bike trails along the West and East sides. At the very least, they should have provided bike-share sites along existing bike paths uptown.

I sincerely hope that this program is extended to the rest of Manhattan as soon as possible, especially the still economically-disadvantaged uptown neighborhoods. It has an unpleasant appearance of bias and exclusion.

Lastly - one obvious benefit of bike-share is that it enable people to do a *ONE-way* commute - many people have variable schedules and can't do a round-trip commute, if half of it falls at night.

Apr. 20 2013 12:20 PM

Had to weigh-in even though a day late:

1. BikeShare is in lots of cities, and the sky did not fall.

2. BikeShare is coming to other neighborhoods, but density of stations is important so the plan is to start condensed.

3. NYCHA and some credit-union members get a discount.

4. Even without a discount, CitiBike is a great deal. And the more you use it, the better the deal gets. See this blog post for details:

Apr. 18 2013 10:27 PM
Jacob from NYC

Here is the info about the bikes, which definitely have 3 speeds. You can very clearly see the 3-speed shifter in the photos linked below. Let's try to spread correct information to the public, as there are so many people out there spreading misinformation.

Apr. 18 2013 09:50 AM
Jacob from NYC

FYI, the bikes are 3-speeds. Andrea, check your facts!

Apr. 18 2013 09:45 AM

For those wondering why the bank's name is advertising on there... it's simple... taxpayers are not paying for Bikeshare - the bank is. Unless you want to pay for it in our budget - just ignore the logo.

Apr. 18 2013 08:01 AM
kevin from ULS

sorry- jose and the caller talking about cars in manhattan,were two different people. i didn't make that clear in my previous posting.

Apr. 17 2013 04:02 PM
Inquisigal from Brooklyn

To Allen Bank - this is not a program for the "wealthy." There are racks already up in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn, which could hardly be classified as a "wealthy" neighborhood. The program is due to launch in waves, so hold your critique and write to the operators - Alta Bike Share - to vote for racks in your neighborhood.

And to add to what thatgirl said - those of us who are more seasoned cyclists should gently share the rules of the road with newbies who may be breaking rules, or putting others in danger via inexperienced or distracted bike handling. In general, I think the increased number of cyclists on the road will only make the streets safer - because cars, trucks, and taxis will have to curb their tendency to drive recklessly, and the experienced cyclists will make new cyclists aware of the risks of awkward or just plain dumb bike handling. I look forward to a time when the streets of NYC aren't jam-packed with speeding cars.

Apr. 17 2013 02:12 PM
kevin from ULS

you guys on air,seemed to assume that [caller] jose was interested in going joy riding with his family. you took that as a given,without having enough information, so as to determine what he may have meant. perhaps,he wants to commute with his family[as long as his kids are at least 16 obviously]. btw- WE SHOULD, have the conversation about cars in manhattan,that are, simply joy riding. so, i disagree with the caller. he may not talk about this,but others do. non-essential private automobiles, have no business whatsoever being in manhattan!!

Apr. 17 2013 02:07 PM
ddartley from Manhattan

Mark my words: after bike share has been up and running for a while, overall pedestrian injuries will be DOWN from current levels. Yeah, yeah, there may (MAY) be more bike-on-ped injuries than there are now, but *overall,* NYC pedestrians will be safer then than now. Why? Sound crazy? It's because all the bikes on the streets are going to tame drivers. This will be perhaps the most important benefit of bike share, but only one of many.

Apr. 17 2013 01:59 PM
Keira from Manhattan

I am super excited about the launch of the program and hope it will have a major impact for the good on living in New York. That fact that Citi Bank has its greedy hands all over it, well let's just say I'm not so thrilled about riding a bike with their obnoxious electric blue color and logos plastered on it. Cit Bank was bailed out with TARP money, so is it really underwriting anything here or is it just more Wall Street slight of hand? My (very) small protest will be to refer to the program as CityBikes. I am also somewhat concerned about people/cars/pedestrians not obeying rules. Let's face it, in New York no one obeys the rules--jaywalking is de rigeur for most New Yorkers, and cars speed and run red lights. I'm not sure the rules for bikers is even very apparent. Lets hope enforcement and clarification will come quickly with the sudden surge of riders.

Also this from the CityBike website:

Every bike has three speeds, a bell, front and rear-flashing LED lights and a handy front rack. Plus, the internal hub gears, chain guard and fenders keep you riding clean, confidently and in style.

Apr. 17 2013 01:21 PM
michael from nyc

I've neen a city-rider since 1980 and trust me it was safer when only SERIOUS, COMMITTED and AWARE riders were out there (yes cars and trucks were worse) but at least those of us who did it were aware of the dangers and took it seriously. Now everybody and their mom thinks, "hey its such a nice day, I'm going to ride my bike down the street and look at the pretty birds..." and then swerve, CRASH, "oh, what happened?"

Bikes are about as dangerous as motorcycles and we don't give moto licenses out so freely so why should we do this for bikes??

I was a messenger for 3 years, raced for over 10, trust me I've sen it all and even been to hospital and see things EVERY DAY that drive me crazy and its only getting worse.

Biking to a crowded, busy, congested city like NYC is to be taken seriously not promoted like a walk-in-the-park la dee da.

Apr. 17 2013 12:10 PM
thatgirl from manhattan

Those cyclists (Michael, the female caller) who are doing nothing but complaining about "other" cyclists can continue to whine about these "other" cyclists, or they can actually help do something about bringing the standard of "bike literacy" up: volunteer for Transportation Alternatives Bike Ambassadors program, which is designed precisely for the purpose of making riding safe for all. Or propose something else to help the bikeshare program; we just don't need more self-appointed cops, commanding the shared paths.

I'm a lifelong cyclist (and former road cyclist--a union whose membership I'd rather not re-join) who does so daily to get around. Yes--there are uneducated cyclists here, but some of them are on $7,000 carbon fiber bikes with Asos shorts who are usually found yelling at other cyclists, runners, and pedestrians alike to get out of their way. If you're that "serious" about it, then the streets of Manhattan don't comprise an ideal training ground. Get thee hence to the velodrome in Queens.

The greater lot of cyclists here are pretty agile, and are both practical and recreational riders. The bikeshare program is here, and could provide a great conduit to other forms of transportation. So refrain from the screaming caps and be part of the solution if you love cycling so much. Making others wrong is just so much whining.

Apr. 17 2013 12:06 PM
Allen Bank from Brooklyn

Why do the bike look like advertisements for Citi Bank?

Apr. 17 2013 12:04 PM
marta schlitzer from Village

woo hoo! am so excited, my bike has been left in Queens when i moved from LES to Queens . I just don't have the energy in the AM to take a ride all the way to work in Manhattan. Can not WAIT to pick up a bike near my work downtown and take a ride, do errands or head to the piers and i can hop a subway later. To any Nay say-ers and worry-worts, you should have been riding a bike here NYC in the 80's to know how bad, dangerous and uncomfortable it used to be!! YAYYY Citibikes-this is just the beginning

Apr. 17 2013 12:04 PM
Amy from Manhattan

If they're really concerned about encouraging helmet use, they shouldn't restrict the discount on helmets to "founding members."

Apr. 17 2013 12:03 PM
suzie from astoria

how will this bike program affect bike messangers?

will companies be able to send their admin out to deliver, instead?
will it make our roadwarriors (vs those annoying delivery guys) lose money, have to stop more, be inaccidents with TRAINING wheel riders?

Apr. 17 2013 12:00 PM
Erica from Chelsea

The bikes have three speeds:

And while this anit San Franciso, there are definitely hills in NYC!!

Erica, a founding member

Apr. 17 2013 11:59 AM
paul from harlem

In San Fransisco you can by topography maps for walking and riding.

Apr. 17 2013 11:57 AM
Eric Goebelbecker from Wall Street

If the city cracks down on cyclists running red lights will they crack down on pedestrians crossing against the green too?

I'm a regular cyclist and people walk in front of me, against their light, all the time. This is, of course, usually followed by a hard stare.

Because cyclists are so unsafe.

Apr. 17 2013 11:57 AM
Judith from park slope

Love the bike share idea but sadly I am in Park Slope and it doesn't look like it will extend to our neighborhood. I am not sure what good the Barklays center will be for us. Too bad.

Apr. 17 2013 11:56 AM
NICOLE FELL from brooklyn

will city:

reapply paint lines?

increase information posting for motorist?

Apr. 17 2013 11:56 AM
michael from nyc

It always takes an accident before these newbies learn the rules, thats the problem. They cause injury to others before they learn anything.

And sorry but anyone who thinks the Bk bridge or the "incline" from 47 st to 57 is a "hill" does not ride enough to be serious. Give me a break.

This is a recipe for disaster. Terrible idea that only someone who doesn't ride could ever think is a good one.

Apr. 17 2013 11:55 AM
Allen Bank from Inner Brooklyn

Yet another move to accommodate to the wealthy of New York. Not even any proposed docks for inner Brooklyn.

Apr. 17 2013 11:54 AM
matt from Brooklyn

The bikes are in fact 3 speed bikes.

Apr. 17 2013 11:54 AM
Fernando from Brooklyn

I was a founding member in Montreal and have used the same bikes in Melbourne. They did have gears there and it's the same system so I imagine there will be geared bikes here.

The lack of helmet is a huge concern. Montreal noticed a jump in head trauma cases after bixi. Melbourne has a helmet vending machine and helmets are required by law.

Apr. 17 2013 11:53 AM
Christopher Crowe from New York, NY

The bikes in Washington D.C. are all three speed and these seem to be the same.

Apr. 17 2013 11:53 AM
PAUL BERK from Prospect Heights

The Citi bikes are three speeds.

Apr. 17 2013 11:52 AM
IC from Montreal/NY

yes, there's often a problem in Montreal at certain hours and locations when you can't find a parking slot of the bikes.....even if they do have the same program to shuffle the bikes around.

Apr. 17 2013 11:50 AM
Inquisigal from Brooklyn

Saw a bike station right outside of my gym - the Bed-Stuy YMCA on Monroe Street and Bedford Avenue. Very exciting!!! I'm impressed a location that can really use alternate transportation will be part of the first wave.

Apr. 17 2013 11:48 AM
The Truth from Becky

and...mix this with the "walking texters"?! Disastrous!

Apr. 17 2013 11:47 AM
Marie from Cobble Hill

I'd love to use the bike share program. But when I went to sign up and saw that I'd be cycling on something that looks like a Citi Bank advertisement on wheels, I was really put off.

Is the program sponsored entirely by the bank?

Apr. 17 2013 11:47 AM
The Truth from Becky

I don't think I care about this...but I know I am not ready for this...see what Michael from nyc said...scary

Apr. 17 2013 11:46 AM
John Michael

Why do I have to go down to 59th Street to use this.

We need it up in Hamilton Heights!

Apr. 17 2013 11:45 AM
Christopher Crowe

michael from nyc: It seems that similar bikeshare programs around the world HAVEN'T lead to mass carnage.

Apr. 17 2013 11:42 AM
Tony from Canarsie

Next thing you know, Bloomberg will call for banning training wheels.

Apr. 17 2013 11:40 AM
michael from nyc

O great.... just what we need more INEPT, UNSKILLED, DANGEROUS, INEXPERIENCED cyclists pedaling around the city making it EXPONENTIALLY more dangerous for the rest of us. I am a cyclist and can tell you it has NEVER been WORSE for those of us who are serious about it. Cycling has been promoted recklessly and irresponsibly and the accidents due to morons who don;t know how to ride defensively, look over their shoulders before stopping or swerving, etc have skyrocketed to the point it is almost impossible to ride safely and enjoyably. And then they get mad at us for warning them how close they almost came to causing a major accident (when we can avoid them). I
I am sick of seeing my friends taken away in ambulances due to other people's negligence, ignorance and ineptitude.

Apr. 17 2013 11:33 AM
Christopher Crowe from New York, NY


I got to use an almost identical system in Washington D.C. just last weekend and it was great and, seemingly, very popular. Solid seeming bikes and quite comfortable to ride.

I have my own bikes and use them but I still signed up as a Founding Member (#4973!)for when I'm in Lower Manhattan or Downtown Brooklyn and I don't have them and I need to zip some place or other.

I just hope this is eventually expanded to more areas, especially neighborhoods in the outer boroughs remote from subways. Maybe one day I'll be able to ride the CitiBike to CitiField.

Apr. 17 2013 11:25 AM

I was really excited about this until I saw how lower-half-of-Manhattan-centric the station layout is. If the main purpose of the bike share is commuting, they're going to need bikes in more residential neighborhoods! At least put a station at each subway stop, for a start?

Apr. 17 2013 11:24 AM

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