Security Beefed up in NYC After Boston Explosions

Monday, April 15, 2013

The New York Police Department stepped up security at hotels, landmarks like the World Trade Center site, Times Square and other locations Monday following explosions at the Boston Marathon.

Critical response teams, which are highly visible patrol units that travel in packs with lights and sirens, are being deployed throughout the city until more about the explosion is learned, chief police spokesman Paul Browne said.

More than 1,000 counterterrorism officers were mobilized, along with the thousands of other officers on patrol. Highly trafficked areas like Times Square, Rockefeller Center and St. Patrick's Cathedral in Midtown Manhattan, the United Nations, and the World Trade Center site were being especially monitored, police said.

Security was also beefed up within the subways. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said it was also stepping up patrols on the Long Island Rail Road and Metro North commuter rails. Browne said those actions are being taken as precautions.

"We don't have intelligence at this point to indicate that this is a prelude, but we take precautions as if it were, so that we would be in a position to intercept anything coming our way."

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the department was fully prepared to protect the city.

"Some of the security steps we are taking may be noticeable," Bloomberg said. "And others will not be."

The blasts occurred at the finish line of the marathon. The explosions have killed two people and injured at least 23 others. The cause wasn't known.

The NYPD regularly steps up security in the city as a precaution based on incidents in other locations.

With additional reporting by Annmarie Fertoli


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Vic from .

Yesterday evening on WNYC-fm, I listened to the special program on the bombing at the Boston Marathon - the shock, the horror, &...>__>_||...the connection that was made between this senseless act of violence, and the evil attack on 9/11.. I heard President Obama state, "Make No Mistake", we will find out who did this, & why...(?)
At that moment in the broadcast when I heard the President's choice of words, "Make No Mistake", I had a sudden, & twisted, "DoubleThink" reality check.
If President Obama intends our government to show the same investigative intelligence as was applied in the 9/11 investigation, we will never get anywhere. From the shadows we will know only what they want us to know.
The World Trade Center Towers fell to the ground in under 10 seconds, at near FREE FALL SPEED! This was a sophisticated, controlled DEMOLITION.
This (evil) event blatantly demonstrated, DO NOT MESS WITH US! (?)
What the April 15th bombing at the Boston Marathon has to say...( )

Apr. 16 2013 10:17 AM
sara from nyc

I agree with a previous commentator. This extended coverage is sensationalist and pointless. We are all capable of being frightened and saddened without listening to you interrogate participants and force one of them to agree with you that he sounds as if he is "so close to being in shock..."

You have nothing to report at this time except increasingly detailed and writerly descriptions of gore and now a profile of "runners" and running in general??

WNYC: Never turn it off?

I will now. 1st time ever, while working at home, since 1992.

Apr. 16 2013 09:39 AM
Joan from Brooklyn

I agree with those who are disappointed by NPR/WNYC coverage of events in Boston. Sob sister stuff and "expert" speculation. You even substituted BBC News with Hockenberry's show. Give it a rest and come back when there is something new to report.

Apr. 16 2013 09:26 AM
john from office

As the brother officer and friend of many cops that died in 911, I hope for the worst for those that question the NYPD, especially after a tragic day like yesterday. If the NYPD does not respond and there is an event, they are to blame. If they do respond and nothing happens, they are over reacting.

Interesting that the Times was running a sob story of a Gitmo prisoner on the day this happens, sorry no sympathy.

Apr. 16 2013 08:30 AM
Nancy from Manhattan

I mostly agree with comments that response is overblown and far too speculative at this point. Stuff happens. (Not that I don't care about victims.)
But someone (on air) suggested Boston police had perhaps become less vigilant regarding "terrorism" since 9/11.
Well, yes. Haven't we all? I'm a New Yorker, and when I'm in the Times Square station (and elsewhere) I see a gaggle of NYC policepersons mostly huddled in a group tossing off whatever, oblivious to the the sea of humanity surging around them. We've all relaxed. We can maintain combat mode for only so long.
Which brings me to my story. I spent July 2003 in Boston. Naturally, on the Fourth, I wanted to hear the Boston Pops, etc., in concert and view the fireworks along the Charles River. But this was barely 18 months after 9/11. To do so involved intense Boston Police Dept scrutiny: metal detectors, pat-downs, opened backpacks and picnic baskets, removing kids from strollers, unfurling blankets--all after showing up by 11 am for the 9 pm concert. The reward was a day-glo wristband (think hospital or rock concert) that, supposedly, helped later access, though I found that not to be true.
The headliners this year were Celine Dion and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Returning later to the river front, I noticed the Mormon Choir lined up on the street outside their hotel, waiting to board their buses. They had to wait because the Boston police were there patting down everyone, checking their bags. I had to laugh: who would suspect this group? But the BPD was doing its job, securing the venue.
Yes--they, and we, have become less vigilant. But--do we really believe we can control everything? Do we want to?

Apr. 15 2013 09:53 PM
Linda from Greenpoint

Sorry for people to be injured like this, but nypd does not miss an opportunity for unsustainable and absurd overtime

Apr. 15 2013 09:26 PM
ChrisOS from NYC

The only thing no one has speculated about, even though it is the one speculation that has a 99% chance of being true is that the bomber was a man, not a woman.

Apr. 15 2013 08:04 PM

So disappointed in WNYC's non stop sensationalist coverage of the Boston explosions. Even though every other sentence is "we can't speculate at this point", that is exactly what you are doing. Stop spreading the fear and deliver the actual news when you have it.

Apr. 15 2013 07:57 PM

An explosion in Boston on the day taxes are due? Hmmm, who would do such a thing?

Apr. 15 2013 05:20 PM

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