Big Sounds, Small Ensembles

Marius Neset

For this New Sounds program, listen to smaller groups who are capable of large expansive sounds.  There’s music by the Cinematic Orchestra, led by keyboardist/composer Jason Swinscoe, which is surely filmic in scope, while informed by jazz and electronica.  Then, sample music by bass player Skúli Sverrisson & sax player Óskar Guðjónsson, from a record that they did together, “Box Tree,” which comes folded up in a map.

Also, hear small ensemble music from Norwegian sax player & composer Marius Neset from a gorgeous folk-infused and jazzy opus, “Birds.”  Plus, listen to music from Basque country by Oreka Tx and a trio record from the Dutch cellist Ernst Reijseger, featuring the mbira.

PROGRAM # 3455, Big Sounds, Small Ensembles  (First aired on 4/15/2013)                                                          





Skuli Sverrisson and Oskar Gudjonsson

The Box Tree

Afternoon Variant [3:51]

Philip Glass Ensemble, feat. Jack Kripl, soprano saxophone


Glassworks: Facades [7:19]

CBS/Sony 37265
Available at, iTunes or

Ernst Reijseger

Down Deep

Shaped By The Tide [5:32]

Winter & Winter 910 197 OR

Marius Neset


Math of Mars [5:02]

Edition Records EDN1040
due out April, 16, 2013
Or download from

Cinematic Orchestra

In Motion #1

Entr'acte, excerpt [10:30]

Ninja Tune Zen CD 183P

Oreka Tx

Quercus Endorphina

Txalaparta Dantza [2:04]

Resistencia  #110 / Elkar
Available at or Download via

Steve Elson’s Lips and Fingers Ensemble

Lips and Fingers

Eye Deal [3:11]

Open Minds 2406
Out of print. Try

Jussi Reijonen


Naima, excerpt [8:00]