Call In: How addicted are you to email?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

AOL released a study today revealing a national addiction to checking email, and New Yorkers are the biggest fiends. Regina Lewis, AOL Consumer Advisor, explains just how hooked we are. Where do you check yours? Come clean and tell us about your email addiction.


Regina Lewis

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Liz from Georgia

Erin (#14) -- you can presift your email so that you don't even have to see much of the SPAM. Just look for the word "filter" in your email program's "help" screens.

I have my "you have mail" sound (for which I've chosen a snippet of music I like) rigged to sound through my stereo speakers, so that I can hear mail come in from anywhere in the house or on the porch. So, my mail checks in with ME!

Jul. 31 2008 05:20 AM
Cheryl from New York City

What I find disheartening is when I see someone I know on the street and want to say hello, but they speed by me, their face buried in a Blackberry. I use my walking time as time to gather my thoughts about the next place I'm going or meeting I have. Too many people arrive where their going, still answering e-mails, barely saying hello and although they are physically there, their minds are 50 other places...not cool.

Jul. 30 2008 05:52 PM
Leon Freilich from Park Slope


You sit at the computer
For hours on end
And when at last you get up
Find you can't bend.

You blog away on this
And that and such
And suddenly your neck
Cries out for a crutch.

You click away until
Sets in and vital heartbeat
Goes amiss.

You type till blood pours out
From all your fingers
And breathing comes in spurts
And painful zingers.

You know of course your health
Is off the charteries
And the diagnosis is:
Blogged arteries.

Jul. 30 2008 12:33 PM
Dick Dawkins from Westchester

Hey, this is like a just-a-little-bit-better version of the Penelope Trunk (Brazen Careerist) segment from a little while back. You make content like this only available on the internet and broadcast the Digesting Politics segments instead.

Jul. 30 2008 12:22 PM
Benita from Greenwich Village

I know I'd be killed in the street if I ever got a Blackberry. I am fully addicted to e-mail. Although I have a flat phone rate with unlimited long distance, I never use the phone except to speak to ancient relatives who have no e-mail. The only positive in this condition is that I still use proper spelling and punctuation. At least I have not let those skills deteriorate!
My husband is a Crackberry-head---he left an "on vacation" message on his e-mail and answered all his messages anyway.
We are hopeless!

Jul. 30 2008 12:12 PM
Andrea from Brooklyn

Although I check e-mail frequently when at home or at the office, I do not text or e-mail when I am out in public. It drives me insane when I see someone checking their e-mail in the middle of a play, movie or concert. Addicts seem to think that this is not disruptive behavior because it is quiet, but when the lights are down in a theater, the glare of that little screen is VERY distracting to your fellow audience members. And why bother going to a performance if you're not going to allow yourself to become absorbed in it? Too many people have the lost the ability to be in the moment...

Jul. 30 2008 12:06 PM
Vinny from Upper West Side Middle Class Jewish Liberal Democrat in Manhattan

I usually prefer e-mail to an unexpected phone call... I like the ability to compose my thoughts and the opportunity to present my ideas without interruption or crosstalk, or to have to stop whatever I am doing to listen to what is mostly idle chatter, gossip, or unending complaining.

Jul. 30 2008 11:58 AM

Its mail.

Some of us do check frequently, using it more like protracted phone conversations but for those who think its a 'leash' do you think the same way of the mail you receive from the post office (not counting junk mail), just pop on once a day and scan, just as you do the physical mail and your voicemail. Big deal.

Jul. 30 2008 11:58 AM
the truth from Atlanta/New York

I only text at red lights!

Jul. 30 2008 11:58 AM
Ken from Soho

I consider my Email very helpful, and not an "addiction". While I sometimes check Email several times a day, it's only when I'm home and have turned the computer on; it's an iMac on my desk. I have no use or need for portable electronic devices, whether cell phone, blackberry or laptop.

Jul. 30 2008 11:57 AM
Erin from Manhattan

the caller is right, the obligation that comes with all the email is exhausting. the hour of sifting every morning is killing me! where did all this stuff come from?

Jul. 30 2008 11:57 AM
Christopher Deignan from Middle Village, Queens

I'm very happily addicted to e-mail. Its how I rebuilt my social life after a break-up a few years ago. I probably over use it a little but not really that much. I can keep in touch with family in Ireland, much cheaper and more convenient than using the phone. I run two groups which rely completely on e-mail.

I use internet dating, which if course is e-mail based and I always suggest meeting up without doing a lot of e-mailing back and forth.

A necessary addiction I think.

I don't text, I hate it, it takes forever.

Jul. 30 2008 11:57 AM
Repub101 from Manhattan

Brian, this is why I love you. While I constantly take issue with some of the political views promoted on this show, you can be really funny, so I keep listening.

I am addicted to email. It's like expecting a new birthday present every day. It's wrapped up, and you have no idea what might be there. Something about the unknown, the mystery makes it so addictive.

Jul. 30 2008 11:56 AM
GTA Bath from brooklyn

I'm addicted to commenting websites and blogs and the pathetic illusion of participation, relevance and audience that they provide.

Jul. 30 2008 11:56 AM
the truth from Atlanta/New York

If the lights go out in my house, I will use my nintendo DS! Nope I am NOT a teenager either.

Jul. 30 2008 11:54 AM
w from Manhattan

I'm an e-mail addict for sure, but only at work these days where I have access to the Internet. I canceled my home account recently, and though I get some withdrawal jitters now and then, for the most part I'm glad to not be checking e-mail or surfing the Net at night anymore; there's more freedom to zone out in front of the TV! :-)

Jul. 30 2008 11:54 AM
EEG from Chelsea

Whenever i open a website I automatically open my email even if that is not the reason i open the website for!

Jul. 30 2008 11:54 AM

I will never buy a blackberry, iphone, or any other internet capable phone because I know I would begin checking email while crossing streets in midtown. Fatal flaw?

Jul. 30 2008 11:53 AM
the truth from Atlanta/New York

I was in the Doctor's office and asked her to give me a sec while I responed to a text message! Is that hooked?

Jul. 30 2008 11:50 AM
Sharon Joag from Lyndhurst, New Jersey

I am a true addict of email. I am involved in many outdoor activities and I meet with people on a regular basis. Its a great way to connect with people and get a response.
With our fast-paced world, many times we may not get the time to pick up a phone call or we may be too busy and involved with something else.
Email gives one the freedom to respond in a decent amount of time and at each one's convenience.
I must check my email about 2-3 times daily.

The only negative aspect are the SPAM messages! They have just gotten completely out of hand!

Jul. 30 2008 11:50 AM
the truth from Atlanta/New York

I am hooked on ALL things electronic! *heavy sigh*

Jul. 30 2008 11:49 AM
Tim Young from Manhattan

I love email. True I subscribe to too many newsletters which i usually end up deleting but the personal mail i receive is important to me and I wouldn't want to live without it.
The only downside is that i probably spend way too much time in my inbox!

Jul. 30 2008 11:46 AM
Robert from NYC

Too but not completely addicted.

Jul. 30 2008 11:44 AM
O from Forest Hills

E-mail is a great way to stay in touch because you can respond when you want to and it isn't as demanding as a phone call is.

I personally prefer e-mail to IM.

Jul. 30 2008 10:39 AM

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