Brass Around the World


For this New Sounds, enjoy an hour of works for brass, from the 19 piece French band Bigre! and sample some of the just-out release, “Brooklyn Babylon” from Darcy James Argue's Secret Society, (only 17 pieces strong.)  There’s also music from east and western Africa - Ethiopia and Benin, along with music from Macedonia, Manhattan and even Albania.  The Albanian outfit Fanfara Tirana meets London’s Trans-Global Underground on their fabulous record, “Kabatronics,” and for more brass band power, there’s the Kocani Orkestar from Macedonia.  Plus, listen to classic 1970’s Ethio-groove from Mahmoud Ahmed and Benin’s classic funk heroes, Orchestre Poly-Rythmo.  

PROGRAM # 3454, Brass Around the World  (First aired on 4/12/2013)                                                  





Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society

Brooklyn Babylon

The Neighborhood, excerpt [1:00]

New Amsterdam Records NWA046
due out April 30, 2013


Les icebergs aussi

Contredanse 1 [5:04]

Linn Records 42548

Mahmoud Ahmed 

Ethiopiques Vol 7, Ere Mela Mela

Sedetegnash Negn [5:31]

Buda Musique #82980

3 Mustaphas 3

Heart of Uncle

Taxi Driver (I Don't Care) [3:40]

Rykodisc #20156 Out of print, but download from or iTunes.

Kocani Orkestar

L’Orient est Rouge

L’Orient est Rouge [6:07]

Crammed Discs #craw19

Sex Mob


Martin Denny [6:31]

Thirsty Ear #57171

Orchestre Poly-Rythmo

Cotonou Club

Tegbe [4:24]

STRUT 077  

Fanfara Tirana Meets Trans-Global Underground


Mehndi [4:47]

World Village 450022

Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society

Brooklyn Babylon

The Neighborhood [6:13]

See above.

Raya Brass Band

Raya Brass Band

Karsilamas Hrysodaktili [4:12]