Bronx Musician Willie Colon Sings About Venezuelan Election

A salsa musician and Bronx native is stepping into the fray, in the lead-up to the Venezuelan presidential elections this Sunday. Willie Colon released a song that's criticizing the Nicholas Maduro, the candidate picked by the late Hugo Chavez. The song is called Mentira Fresca, or fresh lie, and is getting lots of attention.

“I’ve got a long relationship with Venezuela,” Colon said. “I lived there for a year, I did my first soap opera there,” he said, adding that the country also welcomed his solo career.

He’s also watched the politics of Hugo Chavez unfold, during his time in office. 

“At first, Chavez came out…dressed as a civilian, and all humble, and he made all kinds of promises, but it didn’t take long for him to, you know, put on the military uniform and change the constitution and refuse to step down,” Colon said. 

To listen to Host Richard Hake’s full conversation with Willie Colon, click the audio above.