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Don DeLillo joined twitter today (Update: Turns out the account probably isn't Mr. DeLillo, but let's not let that spoil our fun). @DonDeLilloOffic's second tweet is "Twitter. Fantastic!" That got us thinking: what would authors of the past post as their first tweets?

@SamuelBeckett: Here. Typing. I am here and typing. AM I typing? Have I ever typed?

@TruCapote: This isn’t writing at all, it’s typing

@Shakespeare: All the Twitter's a stage, and all the Tweets are but players

@Herman_Melville: I prefer not to #NoTweetingScrivener


@Hemingway_or_Highway: Oh man, I love cats so much. Why didn't I join Twitter earlier #EverydayCaturday #CatsWith5Toes

@Hegel: The tweet reader recognizes the tweeter but the tweeter does not recognize the reader.

Add to our effort in the comments below - or, better yet, by Tweeting with #AuthorsFirstTweets.