Cold, Hard Messages

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With the Democratic and Republican National Conventions just around the corner, the candidates are honing their messages. Grand New Party authors Ross Douthat and Reihan Salam challenge the GOP to come up with fresh ideas in a year of economic downturn. Plus, The Blue Pig gets caught double-dipping.

A question for the Bored At Work Network:
What’s the smartest thing your company is doing to cope with inflation? And what’s the dumbest? Share your comments and listen tomorrow for more.

July is Photo Month! Our new challenge is to submit your pictures on the theme of "STRESS." What makes you stressed out? What makes you relax? Do you thrive on stress? Go out and take pictures that capture the stress (or lack thereof) in your life! Submit your shots to our Flickr Page now (more detailed instructions here) and we'll discuss the results on the air next week!