Your Guide to Personal Finance Apps

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Ismat Sarah Mangla is a staff writer at Money magazine and author of the "Best Apps to Manage Your Money," a guide to nearly two dozen smartphone applications and browser extensions for finding discounts, paying bills and monitoring your investments. 

"When they say: 'There's an app for that,' they're not kidding," Mangla told New Tech City host Manoush Zomorodi. "There are so many new things that have come out that can kind of make your head spin."

Here are some of the apps and browser extensions Mangla found helpful for everything from shopping to travel to banking. 

 Hukkster — "When you are, say, looking at something on Amazon or on and you see something you like but you don't want to pay full price for it, you want to know when it goes on sale, you just 'hukk' it as they say on the site, and that means you just sort of click it and pin it to your account and then you'll get an alert when the item goes on sale."

 Mint "The thing about Mint is that it does use bank-level security, and it's a read-only app, which means you input your accounts, like I would put in my credit card and my bank accounts, and it won't be able to actually make any transactions. It's just catching sort of a picture of what's going on and aggregating that information, but I feel pretty confident."

 Decide — "If you subscribe to the premium service, which is $30 a year, it will tell you, 'OK, this is a really good time to buy this right now. There is a 95 percent chance that this price is going to rise in the next three weeks, or there's a new model coming out, or there's a really good chance that this is going to go on sale in the next couple weeks.'"

 Personal Capital "They really sort of track and analyze all your investments, your bank, and your credit card accounts, and analyze, like, 'What is my asset allocation?' Like, 'How are my investments broken down?' 'Am I paying extra in fees?'"

 Manilla — "It sort of helps you cut all the clutter of all your documents out of your life. You know, a lot of people have gone paperless. They just get their statements online or via email. And what Manilla does is it pulls all your statements together in one place in PDFs and stores them for you."

 Tingo — "Nobody wants to know that the person staying in the hotel room next to them paid half of what they did, right? So, with Tingo, what Tingo does is when you're booking hotel rooms, it basically automatically locks in the savings."