Quinn Foes to Spend $1 Million to Block Mayoral Bid

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A group working to challenge Christine Quinn's mayoral bid isn't yet fully disclosing its financial backers. The political committee "New York City Is Not For Sale" plans to spend $1 million against Quinn and already has one ad on the airwaves Monday.

At this point, Chelsea Connor, a spokeswoman for "NYC Is Not For Sale," would not reveal all the groups’ backers. It was founded by CWA Local 1180, eco-investment firm Hugo Neu Corporation, and NYCLASS, a group opposed to the horse-drawn carriage industry.

Allie Feldman from NYCLASS said while each group has its own issues, “We all agree on one thing. Remember your ABQ's. Anybody but Quinn.”

The committee has already spent $250,000 on its first anti-Quinn ad. That's well above the Campaign Finance Board's threshold, which requires the group to reveal all of its contributors by the next filing deadline on May 15th.

Organizers say they're not affiliated with any other candidate, but a Quinn campaign spokesman says Public Advocate Bill de Blasio is behind the efforts, something de Blasio denies.