Global Jewish Music


For this New Sounds, hear arrangements of Jewish wordless songs of praise from around the world.  There’s Nigerian style Afrobeat, trancey jazz, Afro-cuban dance music, a DJ collaboration, and music from the Jewish people of Uganda.  A Fela Kuti-style band, led by guitarist Jon Madof does up the prayers that Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach set to music, and takes as its name “Zion80,” a nod to Fela’s “Nigeria 70/Africa 70.”

Plus, the Algerian-Jewish pianist Maurice El Medioni and New York based Cuban-Jewish percussionist Roberto Rodriguez take advantage of their Arabic Sephardic connection, to create transcontinental Afro-Cuban dance-brilliance.  Also, hear music from Moroccan Rabbi Haim Louk and the Arab-Andalousian Orchestra of Fez, made on location by John Schaefer.

PROGRAM #3450, Global Jewish Music  (First aired on 4/4/2013)                                       





Jewish People of Uganda

Abayudaya: Music from the Jewish People of Uganda

Hiwumbe Awumba (God Creates and then Destroys) [2:33]

Smithsonian Folkways #40504

David Krakauer’s Klezmer Madness!

Klezmer NY

The Streets Of Klezmer, NY [5:17]

Tzadik 7127

Jon Madof


Nygun [7:22]

Tzadik 8175

Solomon and SoCalled


Gasn nign [3:26]

Piranha 1789

Andy Statman

Between heaven and Earth

Reb Nachman's Deveykus Niggun [5:40]

Shanachie #64079
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Jon Madof


Nygun Reprise [4:56]

See above.

Maurice El Medioni meets Roberto Rodriguez

Descarga Oriental

Malika [7:06]

Piranha #2003

Roberto Rodriguez

El Danzon de Moises

Jerusalem Market [6:25]

Tzadik 7158

Rabbi Haim Louk & Arab-Andalousian Orchestra of Fez

Live, Fez Festival of World Sacred Music, 2000

Ya Moulana [7:00]

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