Another NY Pol Arrested on Corruption Charges

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For the second time in a week, a New York state politician has been arrested in connection with a corruption charge.  Assemblyman Eric Stevenson, a Democrat, was arrested, federal authorities announced Thursday.

For the second time in one week, a New York elected official has been arrested on a corruption charge.

Democratic Assemblyman Eric Stevenson, a well-known South Bronx legislator, is accused of accepting $20,000 in bribes in exchanges for passing legislation to aid an Adult Day Care center in the Bronx.

“Those allegations represent the corrupt sale of an elected representative’s core duty: a legislator selling legislation,” US Attorney Preet Bharara said.

Bharara called the scheme breathtaking -- “even by Albany standards” -- and said accepting bribes while attempting to pass legislation that would give the Adult Care Centers a monopoly was a “neat trick to hatch a scheme that offends core principals of both democracy and capitalism, simultaneously.”

According to court papers, four other were arrested and a second state assemblyman, not named by Bharara, cooperated with investigators. That Assemblyman has agreed to resign.

A spokesman for the Assembly's leadership said Assemblyman Nelson Castro, another Bronx Democrat, is resigning.

 “If you are a corrupt official in New York you have to worry that one of your colleagues is working with us and that your misdeeds will be recorded and reported to us and it will be that much harder to escape punishment,” Bharara said.

Stevenson’s district office declined to comment.