More Cool Stuff: Coffee Farmers in Uganda, Jewish Afrobeat, Dan Friel, Verity Susman

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There's more cool stuff to share from the impatient staff of New Sounds, with a free Download!  Listen to exciting and unexpected combinations of Afrobeat and Jewish Cantorial music by Jon Madof and Zion80, along with field recordings of Ugandan coffee workers, some abrasive electronica by composer Dan Friel, and a "Dad-joke" song by Verity Susman.  Turns out that the staff hasn't been able to hoard all the good stuff for long.  Our host, John Schaefer, has included the Jon Madof and Zion80 in Thursday night's show and is going to make the "Delicious Peace" record part of Friday night's program. 


“Delicious Peace” is a collection of songs written and performed by Peace Kawomera (Delicious Peace) Fair Trade cooperative in Mbale, Uganda. (Out April 9 on Smithsonian Folkways.) Recorded by GRAMMY-nominated Tufts University professor and Rabbi Jeffrey A. Summit in various Ugandan locales, from muddy coffee fields to local synagogues, the farmers sing of the benefits of interfaith cooperation and, through music, teach new members how to produce great coffee.
Download this rousing call to action by the cooperative’s founder J. J. Keki, a Jewish Ugandan coffee farmer and musician.  It’s about the benefits of growing coffee and was adapted from the structure of a traditional Bagisu circumcision call and response song:

Delicious Peace cover Ugandan coffee farmersGet up and grow coffee!
J. J. Keki and the Peace Kawomera Jazz Band, 2006 
Sung in Lugisu

Brothers and sisters, come together.
(Chorus repeated throughout):
That’s right! My dear, that’s right!

Children of my mother, sit down.
Let us get up and grow coffee.
Children of my mother, come.
The time has come, my friends.
Stand up! Let us all grow coffee!
Coffee brings money.
We shall buy vehicles.
Children of my mother, stand up!
In order to survive poverty,
We want to grow coffee!
The time has come, my friends. Why are you sitting down? Get up!
Work hard! It’s true!

If that weren't enough to get the New Sounds staff excited out of their gourd, try this groovy madness:
Jon Madof - Zion80
(Tzadik, due out April 23, 2013)
"Pischu Li" - Recorded Live at The Stone NYC July 30, 2012

Led by guitarist/composer Jon Madof, a 13-piece band arranges music by Rabbi Schlomo Carlebach, a la Fela Kuti and with that radical Tzadik twist.  It's a horn-driven Jewish Afrobeat party made for dancing.


Speaking of dancing, here's a bit of composer/electronic artist Dan Friel's screamingly melodic, yet abrasive instrumental noise-pop made by blown-out synthesizers and field recordings.  The full record, "Total Folklore" is out now on Thrill Jockey Records.


In other tangentially related New Sounds listening adventures, we came upon a Verity Susman (Electrelane) feature over at the Quietus, and couldn't resist sharing her Glass-working with her "Philip Glass Ceiling."  It's part of a trilogy of "Dad joke" works - the other songs are 'John's Cage' and 'The Third Steve Reich.'
PLEASE BE ADVISED, content possibly unsuitable for minors: the text spoken by the male voice in this piece comes from an explicit piece of Janeway/Seven of Nine Star Trek erotic fan fiction.