Corruption Arrests Turns Spotlight on GOP Nominating Process

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The arrest of six people for conspiring to sell a spot on the GOP ballot for mayor is focusing new attention on the Republican nominating process. 

Prosecutors allege State Senator Malcolm Smith conspired to pay cash bribes to Republican county leaders to get a waiver to run in the Republican primary.

Journalist Wayne Barrett called the plot “a conspiracy without a point.” Smith did not have a shot at actually winning the GOP primary. But, he understands the allure. After all, in the last five mayoral elections candidates on the Republican party line have won.

The plot, however, highlights the “tollbooths” on the road to City Hall.

“It’s certainly a tradition of New York politics that these organizations…get some cash, not cash payments, but get some contributions, I mean, from candidates for mayor,” he explained. “So, this is a new form of the arrangement that has occurred with county leaders.

Listen to Soterios Johnson’s full interview with journalist Wayne Barrett above.