1-Minute Play Festival Tackles Race, Police Brutality

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Playwrights from around the country are gathering in Ferguson, Missouri this week to create a series of one-minute plays about police violence and the African-American community.

The theater project is called “Every 28 Hours,” which comes from a much talked about and much disputed estimate of police shooting statistics that says a black person is killed by a police bullet every 28 hours.

"Every 28 Hours" is being co-produced by the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and New York’s One-Minute Play Festival, in cooperation from many of the nation's top theaters.

The "28 Hours" festival, which begins this weekend in St. Louis, is co-produced by Claudia Alick, the associate producer of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. She discusses the project here.

What you'll learn from this segment:

  • How a one minute play can delve into something as serious as police brutality and misconduct.
  • How the festival was designed and how the plays were chosen.
  • What an audience member will see when they attend the festival.