1993 Calling

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A new project from the New Museum and Droga5 has re-purposed New York City payphones to share stories from 20 years ago. Pick up a phone, call 1-855-FOR-1993, and you'll hear a story about that block in '93. And if you're in TriBeCa, Inwood, or the Upper West Side, you'll hear Brian's voice!

David Droga, founding partner of the ad agency Droga5, which designed the project, and Karen Wong, deputy director of the New Museum, talk about the payphones and the related New Museum exhibit on 1993.

Morning Listener Project

  1. Visit the map of payphones and find one near your home or work
  2. Around 11:35 Wednesday, go outside to the nearest payphone (don't worry, you can tell your boss it's important)
  3. Dial 1-855-FOR-1993 and listen to the story
  4. From your cell phone, call in to the Brian Lehrer Show at 212-433-9692 and tell us what you heard
  5. Bonus points if you snap a picture of the phone and tweet it to us, or hold the cell phone up to the payphone to play it on the air!