Aereo CEO on Taking on Networks Over Streaming TV on the Web

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Chet Kanojia is the CEO of Aereo, a New York-based web startup that allows users to stream live television on the internet without a cable subscription. 

On Monday, a federal appeals court in New York City upheld a ruling favoring the company and perhaps paving the way for it to expand to other major media markets across the country. 

"What's important here is to recognize what this means for consumers is that for the first time, there is a real alternative to the cable model emerging, which would allow for greater competition," Kanojia told WNYC business and economics editor Charlie Herman.

Kanojia said the questions about infringement that the broadcast networks raised during the trial were the same types of claims that were brought out when cable television debuted in the 1970s and VCRs came out in the 1980s. 

"The typical reaction in this industry is sue first, ask questions later," Kanojia said. "It's unfortunate, but that's the path that some of these companies choose to take."

According to Kanojia, Aereo appeals to the Millenials and Generation Z, the people who will define how TV is consumed in the future.

"We are solving a tremendous problem for this industry, which is an ever-dwindling participation of the consumers, of younger consumers in particular," Kanojia said.

Kanojia said Aereo's next step is to expand to 22 markets across the country, and that 2013 and 2014 will be big growth years for the country.