ADD Society

Author Maggie Jackson says in her new book Distracted that today’s tendency to multi-tasking has us headed for a new Dark Ages, as human beings lose their ability to pay close attention. Plus, distraction on the highway. What's the effect of road signs on a driver's attention span: it's different than you may think (or hope). And, hiring practices at the Justice Department.

Contribute Your "Grub" Photos!
Coming off the heels of WNYCs Street Shots project, which drew 900+ photographers to participate on WNYC's Flickr page, the Brian Lehrer show wants to collaborate with its photographer-listeners. Contribute your photos to our photo group to participate in covering New York stories and to provide your perspective on the issues.
Tomorrow, we’ll be doing several segments looking at food policy here in New York City, and we want you to participate in the discussion through photography. We’re asking our "Grub" photo group to join the conversation by contributing food-related pictures to the Flickr group. We’ll incorporate the pictures into our discussion, and may even bring a few of you on the air!
Find Instructions and Join The Discussion Here!