Game of Thrones Fans Geek Out in Midtown

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Jeni White, 28 and Molly Glover, 19, wait in line in Midtown to catch a glimpse of props from the HBO series Game of Thrones.

More than 100 fans lined up in Midtown on Friday to catch a glimpse of real-life props that are part of the HBO medieval fantasy series Game of Thrones.

Jeni White, 28, and friend Molly Glover, 19, wore homemade costumes as they waited along 57th Street for their chance to see the Iron Throne and other mementos from the book-turned-TV series.

White was in a 50s style dress emblazoned with a hand drawn a map of Westeros, the fictional location of the show. Glover wore a red dress with a three-headed dragon, representing the house of Targaryen.

For White, the rules and logic of the show’s fantasy world are clearer than those of the real world.

"Although there’s a lot of war going on and it’s very dark,” she said, “you know who the bad guys are, you know where the lines are drawn.

The exhibit closes April 3. The show's season premiere is Sunday.