Weekend Staff Picks: Get Outside, Spring is Here!

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If you look closely you can still find payphones all over Manhattan’s streets. In coordination with the New Museum’s exhibit on the year 1993, a project called “Recalling 1993" is underway. Visitors can hear what every neighborhood was like 20 years ago from any pay phone in Manhattan.  If you dial toll-free, 1-855-FOR-1993 on any city payphone you will get a familiar New Yorker telling you a story about the neighborhood.

Reporter Kathleen Horan gets nostalgic concerning the outdoor phones.  “I was worried with everyone having a gadget in their pocket now the payphones would be removed, but this project seems like it will be keeping them around for a while and will encourage people to use them.” 

You can learn more about the 1993 payphone project at www.recalling1993.com.

This first weekend of spring always bring some early blooms, but if you want to see flowers in full bloom then head to the New York Botanical Garden in the Bronx, says Listener Services specialist Noah Kardos-Fein.  “We were getting sick of the winter so we wanted to go up and see something exotic and some color and it was just a beautiful experience.” 

The popular Orchid Show is now on view and runs through next month. 

Easter Sunday always brings out the glamorous — and the outrageous — to Fifth Avenue near St. Patrick’s Cathedral for the annual Parade and Bonnet Festival.  Erin Flannery, development officer at WNYC is bringing her parents and her 9-month-old daughter. 

“I think we are going to make flowers out of tissue paper and attach them to big hats,” she said.  Flannery is also planning on making a hat for the child too, saying,  “I need collateral to be used later in life.”