Saturday Coffee Table: Money Talking Weekend Reading

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Money Talking host Charlie Herman and regular contributors Joe Nocera of the New York Times and Rana Foroohar of Time magazine tell us what they're reading this weekend.


Charlie Herman will be reading "Is Giving the Secret to Getting Ahead?" by Susan Dominus, the cover story in this week's New York Times magazine. "It's a profile of Adam Grant. He's described as the youngest tenured and highest rated professor at Wharton — No, I'm not jealous — and he's an organizational pyschologist. He studies workplace dynamics. And he has a new book coming out called Give and Take. And the idea is that maybe the way that employees can be motivated to work harder, and that it's not just money, and it's not just career advancement, but that it's the idea of motivating people to help others, the sense that you're contributing to other people's lives by mentoring, by teaching, by trying to find ways to make the rest of the world better, might actually be a better way to motivate people."

Rana Foroohar will be reading "Overstating the Costs of Inequality" by Scott Winship in National Affairs. "I'm very interested in the topic of inequality and the economic cost of inequality. It's something that I've been writing about for a while.... He's making some interesting arguments about how the research that we've heard so much about about how inequality decreases social mobility and slows economic growth and can actually cause imbalances that eventually lead to financial crises, is not quite right."

Joe Nocera will be re-reading the 1973 book The Dance of Legislation: An Insider's Account of the Workings of the United States Senate by Eric Redman. "The book as I recall it is so much about the give and take of legislation, the horse trading, the compromising, and I'm kind of curious to see if I read it again through the prism of the era that we live in, whether it seems like it comes from a different age, a different time and barely even the same country."