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Friday, March 29, 2013

Rory Halperin, editor of Time Out New York Kids, talks about when parents need to sign up for camp, how to pick a program, how to prepare and whether day camp or sleepaway would be best.


Rory Halperin

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Marcia Eckert from Manhattan

To Caitlin, and others who are looking for camps for adults. Check out Pianophoria! ( which is a seven-day intensive in July for adult pianists. The goal is to bond over music in a friendly and supportive environment.

There is also one for teen pianists called Teen Pianophoria! (, which spans two weeks.

Apr. 23 2013 05:10 PM
Ileana Font-Soloway from Brooklyn, NY

If you are still looking for a sleepaway summer camp for this summer, check out Camp Kinderland in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts. As at many camps, our campers play sports, swim and hike, gain new experiences in arts, drama, music, dance, nature and camping. But at Kinderland they also encounter ideals of social justice and peace. They don’t hesitate to sing a Yiddish labor song, paint a mural of Harriet Tubman or write a skit about putting an end to war. Here, it is okay to think, to care, to question and to act. There is nothing quite like it; and it works because the values of community and culture, of justice and righteousness, are inextricably integrated with the friendship, the joy, the beauty, the sheer fun and adventure, of life at sleepaway camp. We have a two-week, three-week, four-week, and seven-week session, so there is something for everyone!

Camp Kinderland is more than just a summer camp with a conscience, it is also a community of progressive people working together to make the world a better place. Our campers grow up to become engaged alumni in our community, as well as social workers, educators, activists and artists. We have activities throughout the year for adults and children!

Mar. 29 2013 04:06 PM
Elizabeth Lorris Ritter from Washington Heights

Excellent summer camp in Vermont, Camp Common Ground, a family camp that runs four one-week sessions in July/Aug. Come with partner, kids, grandkids, sibs, niece/nephews, some/all of the above or solo; all comers welcome. Many activities ranging from solo, to small-group, to all-camp; adult programming in the mornings while kids are in their own age-segregated programming, and a variety of mixed-age programming in the afternoons and evening. Enjoy the beautiful VT scenery, great (mostly) vegetarian home cooking, arts, writing, sports (including a weekly quiddich tournament!), swimming in the creek, lazing in a hammock, gazing at the stars, etc., etc. Very affordable.

I've been going here every summer (save one year) since 2001; have served as an employee, and on their board. It is a wonderful place, and my week or two or three each summer sustains me for the other 49-50-51 weeks of the year!

Mar. 29 2013 02:19 PM
Kristin Andreassen from Brooklyn

I run a music camp for grownups! Miles of Music. June 8-14th on a gorgeous private island in New Hampshire. We teach folk, rock, songwriting, and traditional fiddle & dance music (with a focus on American old time and French Canadian music this year). We welcome beginners and music professionals looking for new inspirations.

About half the campers hail from NYC, so we've got a pretty great year-round community developing around the event. (Kids can come too!! They mostly come with their parents and people make a family vacation out of it). Check it out:

Mar. 29 2013 11:19 AM

I have to disagree with Rory Halperin about making movies being new. My son actually made movies at PS87 Elementary School through the "camp" offered by the After School program when he was 7-8 years old. They even used Green Screen technique and made stop action "claymotion" movies. They had great diverse offerings including going to various New York City spots such as the Apollo Theater. Alberto Cruz was running the program then. They had a "scholarship program" for low income kids to be able to attend their "camps". Now that I think about it, I have a bunch of CDs of the various "movies" and "plays" that my son did in elementary school. See, what public schools can do?

My son is now finishing middle school in June so this was a while ago. He did sailing camp for a week last summer. The 92nd Street Y also had a camp where the kids went to different places every day -- with a big trip to Canada at the end.

Mar. 29 2013 11:03 AM
Betsy from Brooklyn

Check out Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls, an awesome program that teaches girls 8-18 about music and also strives to give them good self esteem and collaborative skills.

For grown up ladies, there is Ladies Rock Camp!

Mar. 29 2013 11:01 AM
Marion Blumenthal from NYC

A follow-up companion piece to this one on summer camps, might be one about camps for adults. I go to a Balkan Music and Dance Camp every year sponsored by the Eastern European Folklife Center ( I know there are many more such camps. Might be interesting.

Mar. 29 2013 11:00 AM

I have a friend that goes to this every year. He's in his mid 30s and looks forward to it like a kid.

Camp Camp - a camp for LGBTQ adults.

Mar. 29 2013 10:57 AM

Try the YMCA!!

As an employee of the Y, I can say that NYC's YMCA's offer SO much for the whole family.

They also offer scholarships and financial support.

Check them out!

Mar. 29 2013 10:55 AM
Kate from Washington Heights

This conversation is making me want to go WORK at a day camp this summer! But I'm 50 years old. I don't have grandkids and spending a few weeks in the summer with kids sounds fun. Would any camp hire someone my age?

Mar. 29 2013 10:53 AM

This is making me super jealous! Any camps for grownups?

Mar. 29 2013 10:53 AM

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