Samsung Pushes Colossal Development in South Korea

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As the North Korea's leader Kim Jong-Un continues to exercise his power, South Korea is pushing forward on another, business-related front. The country is home to the world's largest smartphone maker, and its influential economic leader, Lee Kun-Hee.

Lee Kun Hee may not be a household name in the United States, at least in comparison to his former Apple contender Steve Jobs, however, his influence is felt at Apple, Sony and without a doubt, in the homes of many Americans.

Over 75 years of business, Samsung is privy to the tactics needed to stay relevant while keeping competitors on their toes. For example, recent ads by the company mock Apple fans waiting in line to buy the iPhone, portraying them as old and outdated.

Sam Grobart, senior writer at Bloomberg Businessweek, explores the rise of the business in his latest piece and weighs the effects of Samsung as a company, and looks at the corporate practices that keeps it a competent contender in the race of greatest electronics.

Sam Grobart, senior writer at Bloomberg Businessweek (Alex Johnson/WNYC)