Breaking World Records in Pakistan

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Pakistan has set 23 world records in the past year alone — in everything from creating the world's largest sequin mosaic, to gathering the most people singing their country's anthem, to kicking coconuts off of heads. That record went to a boy who kicked 50 coconuts off of other people's heads in one minute.

Pakistan's newfound enthusiasm for record-breaking comes as part of an effort to boost national pride in a country associated with militancy and religious strife. This year, organizers of Lahore's annual Punjab Youth Festival went so far as to fly a Guinness Book of World Records judge into the country to monitor and certify the feats of the festival participants.

Akbar Ahmed, chair of the Islamic Studies Department at American University and Pakistan's former Ambassador to the United Kingdom, explains what the chance to pursue world-records means for a generation of young Pakistanis.

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