Cool Stuff Meant for John Schaefer, But the Staff is Hogging It For Now

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Every now and again, we get overwhelmed with all of the good music that comes our way and impatient that our host, John Schaefer, has not yet heard the tracks.  Here's a bit of what the staff has been listening to, rocking, and otherwise digging.  We have every hope that someday Schaefer will get these things to air, and every realistic expectation that some of them will NEVER air.  Here's a small sample:

Fanfara Tirana meets Transglobal Underground (World Village, coming in April 2013)
"No Guns to the Wedding" - from the forthcoming release "Kabatronics"

Albanian horns meet club-dub beats and result in some dancey madness that makes it hard to be still. 


Bassekou Kouyaté & Ngoni Ba (2013; Out Here Records, Mali [Alemanha])
"Jama ko" -title track from March 2013 release

Entrancing acoustic Afro-pop from the Malian griot and ngoni player calls for unity, peace and tolerance in his country. The title means "big gathering of people."


Brooklyn Rider plays Ljova
from "A Walking Fire" due out on Mercury Records April 30, 2013

From a larger suite, "Culai," named for the late violinist-vocalist of Taraf de Haidouks, a sample of this zippy tarantella originally written for Ljova's own ensemble.


Ewan Dobson - Acoustic Metal (Candyrat Records 2013)
"Moving On" feat. Zack Bevelacqua, drums
It's exactly what the title says.  Acoustic.  METAL. 
Drums are mixed low enough so that none of the fretwork is overshadowed.