All the Light There Was, a Novel

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nancy Kricorian talks about her novel, All the Light There Was, which tells the story of an Armenian family’s struggle to survive the Nazi occupation of Paris in the 1940s. An Armenian family who survived the genocide in their homeland have come to Paris to build a new life. But the Nazi’s arrive, and the family realizes that the occupation is not simply a temporary outrage to be endured.


Nancy Kricorian

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Sandy Flitterman-Lewis

Mosco Boucault's TERRORISTS IN RETIREMENT is not exactly a French film, as it was made by a Bulgarian. But since it is about French Resistants (mainly Jewish, though the group was headed by an Armenian, Missak Manouchian), and it is narrated --and hugely supported-- by Simone Signoret, herself Jewish, and Yves Montand, it is commonly considered a French film. But the French were not too happy about it when it was made for television in the 80s. It was not until it was restored and released in 2001 that it came to prominence. The film interviews members of the group who survived execution (and betrayal by the Communist Left)--24 members of the group were murdered by the Gestapo and their names were put on the famous Affiche Rouge, the Foreign Army of Crime. It is a touching and inspiring tribute to the power of these guys, that once the war was over they returned to their daily lives and are able to recount unexpected heroism in small acts of resistance. When I reviewed the film for CINEASTE, the issue came out right after 911, making anything that referred to "terrorists" suspect. The film had a brief release and does not exist on DVD, although it should. It is an amazing film, and the portrait that emerges of Missak Manouchian (among others) is necessary and illuminating.

Mar. 29 2013 06:14 PM

LL, armenian is an indo-european language. armenians have been in asia minor centuries longer than the turks

Mar. 27 2013 01:15 PM

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