Abuse at Horace Mann, Growing Up in Alaska, the Novel Ghana Must Go, Waste and Fraud in the NSA.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Entrance to the Horace Mann school (Wikipedia Commons)

The New Yorker contributor and Horace Mann graduate Marc Fisher talks about the shocking allegations of sexual abuse at the elite prep school. Then, one woman’s memoir of splitting her childhood between the wilds of Alaska and urban wilds of Baltimore. Taiye Selasi talks about her novel, Ghana Must Go.The Nation’s Tim Shorrock on what’s happened to the  men who blew the whistle on the waste and fraud they saw in the NSA’s system to intercept communications before 9/11.

"The Master" Sexual Abuse Allegations at Horace Mann

Marc Fisher discusses allegations of sexual abuse at Horace Mann, an elite prep school in the Bronx. Fisher went to high school at Horace Mann in the 1970s, and he investigates the teachers allegedly involved and how the school’s alumni continue to wrestle with questions of how sexual abuse was allowed this to occur and what, exactly, they knew when they were in school. His article "The Master" appears in the April 1 issue of The New Yorker.

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An Alaskan Childhood

Leigh Newman describes growing up in the wilds of Alaska, spending her time landing silver salmon, hiking glaciers, and flying in a single-prop plane, then struggling to adjust to living in Baltimore with her mother after her parents divorced. Her memoir Still Points North: One Alaskan Childhood, One Grown-up World, One Long Journal Home is part adventure story, part love story, part homecoming.


Taiye Selasi's Novel Ghana Must Go

Taiye Selasi discusses her novel Ghana Must Go, a portrait of a modern family and an exploration of the importance of where we come from to who we are. It’s a sweeping narrative that takes us from Accra to Lagos to London to New York. When a renowned surgeon and failed husband dies in Accra, the scattered family he abandoned years before comes together again.


The NSA's Trailblazer Program

Tim Shorrock, longtime contributor to The Nation, discusses Trailblazer, the National Security Agency’s flagship system for analyzing intercepted communications, and tells about the whistleblowers who have been harassed for exposing waste and fraud behind Trailblazer.

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