Meet the Candidates: Jersey City Mayor's Race

Monday, March 25, 2013

Jerramiah Healy, Mayor of Jersey City, and Steven Fulop, Ward E Councilman, candidates for mayor in Jersey City (Courtesy of the candidate Facebook pages)

Jerramiah Healy, Mayor of Jersey City, and Steven Fulop, Ward E Councilman, discuss their campaign for mayor of Jersey City.


Steven Fulop and Jerramiah Healy

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While I think the questions were on target and interesting, I was disappointed that the issue of corruption and ethics in government was not addressed.Mayor Healy's administration has been rife with corruption convictions. Mayor Healy
vetoed Good Government bills(banning Pay to Play activity) sponsored by
Councilman Fulop. I expect more probing by WNYC moderators. Still I am pleased that the two candidates were interviewed. For the record: I am a WNYC sustaining member who lives in Jersey City, having moved there in 1978 from NYC.I wonder if Mayor Healy would consider that I have sufficient "roots" in Jersey City?

Mar. 26 2013 02:29 PM
Tony Buontempo from Jersey City

Why are not the other two candidates being interviewed?

Are they still running?

Mar. 26 2013 06:45 AM
Paul from Where else? Jersey City

A very stark contrast. Fulop gets the city in a way that Healy does not. It is refreshing to hear a positive vision. Fulop sees Jersey City's great assets. Yet the inept and corrupt mismanagement of city government is a major factor limiting the city's progress.

Healy was not persuasive on any of his issues, least of all education. He has not done a thing for the schools, and seems not to understand even basic details about the restoration of local control and school funding. If JC gets local control back any time soon it will be because Steve Fulop worked to elect capable citizens to the Board, and ended the reign of crony management.

Where Healy has to defend his status quo, Fulop has consistently pointed to the need to bring economic development to the rest of the city.

This election is no contest. Fulop = future.

Mar. 26 2013 12:49 AM
janny1006 from jersey city

I wasn't born in Jersey City, but I do choose to live and raise my kids here - now going on 17 years - a 'newcomer' or 'interloper' in Healy camp terms. As Steve said, we have the opportunity to be one of the best mid-size cities in the country: our geography and proximity to NYC, our arts and culture, our wonderful architecture, our tough 'can do' attitude, and most importantly our incredible diversity. However, all this means nothing if we continue to have failing schools. In order to attract young families to JC, our schools need to improve. Steve has worked tirelessly to implement change, and we are hopeful that the new superintendent will (as Steve said) take the politics out of it, and do right by our kids. Fulop for Mayor!

Mar. 25 2013 12:05 PM
b from bk

the development that has occurred since the early nineties has turned JC in to waste land of giant towers on giant parking lots and fences. Jersey City should be embarrassed.
But as anyone who pays attention knows JC is wildly corrupt and the current state of the city is a monument to that corruption.

Mar. 25 2013 11:40 AM
antonio from baySide

Any chance of expanding the light-rail system or introducing streetcars?

Mar. 25 2013 11:39 AM
Tom O'Hara from Malverne NY

The Xavier High School Football and Rugby Alumni endorse former running back Jerry Healy '68! :-)

Mar. 25 2013 11:38 AM

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