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60-Second Stir Fry: Stewart Borowsky, Wheatgrass Grower

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He's known as "The Grassman" at the Union Square Greenmarket in Manhattan, but don't get any crazy ideas about the type of plant he's pushing.

Stewart Borowsky grows wheatgrass in a building in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn, right across Third Avenue from a low-slung brick building that used to be the manufacturing hub of the South Brooklyn Casket Company.

Come to think of it, that in itself is a crazy idea. But the sight of all those caskets, ready for shipping, was not Borowsky's answer to my Stir-Fry lightning round question, "best thing about living near the Gowanus Canal." He said it's his very-much-among-the-living neighbors.

Borowsky could have used a jolt of wheatgrass prior to sitting on the Stir Fry's hot seat. I almost stumped him on his pantry must-have and thoroughly fried his brain circuits with "a food trend he'd like to see run its course." How about wheatgrass? Or juicing?

Do you do shots of wheatgrass?  How'd you learn to appreciate its stringent taste?