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Friday, May 30, 2008

In The Road Trip Pilgrim's Guide: Witchdoctors, Magic Tokens, Camping on Golf Courses, and Everything Else You Need to Know to Go on a Pilgrimage (Mountaineers Books, 2007), Dan Austin tells how to make your next trip a transformational experience.

Have you been on a pilgrimage? Comment below!

Dan Austin will be reading tonight at 7:00 p.m. at East West Books, 78 Fifth Ave. at 14th St.


Dan Austin

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hjs from 11211

the Camino de Santiago has been traveled for 1000's of year before christ

May. 30 2008 12:00 PM
ben from New York

In the Jewish community, there is a tradition to spend a year in Israel between high school and college. As a teen I always felt disenfranchised and alienated by Judaism but after spending that year in Israel, I became orthodox and finally identified myself as a Jew.

May. 30 2008 11:58 AM
James from Linden, NJ

I never really thought of it as a pilgrimage, but about 7 years ago I drove from NJ to the Frank Lloyd Wright home, Taliesin, I saw the Johnson Wax building, and drove around Oak Park looking at FLLW architecture. It was great seeing everything I'd read about in person.

May. 30 2008 11:58 AM
Peter from Brooklyn

Also, Wladen area is a grweat place to get lost - there is a cool outdoor sculpture museum near there , the De Cordova, i think.

May. 30 2008 11:58 AM
Kevin from New York, Ny

in 2006 i finally made it to Anfield. home of Liverpool Football Club. i sat in the Kop end of the ground and literally cried when we started singing "you'll never walk alone"! one of the most 'religious' moments in my life.

as a footnote... that trip was 72 hours in the UK in which i had my rental car broken into, lost my passport, and had my bag stolen. still one of the best weekends in my life.


May. 30 2008 11:58 AM
Christopher Crowe from Bobst Library, NYU

I've traveled to Chicago and Toronto for Wagner's "Ring" Cycle (and ALMOST did Manaus, Brazil). Each time I've returned a somewhat different person, changed by the power of art. I long to one day do the great Wagner Festival in Bayreuth, Germany.

May. 30 2008 11:57 AM
SH from Brooklyn

I went on a pilgrimage to the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary in Gubbio, Italy during my honeymoon. It's the first place where evidence for the meteorite that killed the dinosaurs was found. The K-T boundary outcrop is on the side of the road out of town and fenced off from prying fingers, but I insisted that we take this detour. Though the trip to the K-T boundary wasn't that romantic, the meal we had in town was.

May. 30 2008 11:56 AM
mike from edgewater, nj

i made a pilgimage to robert smithson's spiral jetty on the great salt lake in Utah 2005 just after it emerged from the lake after a decade...
it is now threatened by oil drilling!

it was all i expected!

May. 30 2008 11:56 AM
ms from bklyn

road trip to the eastern edge of the czech republic to see one great titian painting "The Flaying of Marsyas." great trip... but waaaay bad light on the painting, alas. still exuded greatness though...

May. 30 2008 11:56 AM
noelle from Upper montclair NJ

As lovers of single malt Islay whisky, my husnab and I went for an extended trip to Isle of Islay in Scotland and fell in love with liskand and it;'s histort as much as we had already loved the whisky.

May. 30 2008 11:55 AM

a "magical token"? *rolls eyes*

May. 30 2008 11:55 AM
Peter from Brooklyn

Attending college in Waltham Ma. we would take a pilgramage (about 35 mins) to Walden Pond in early sping. we wou,ld go back throught the year, but the spring trip was a tradition.

May. 30 2008 11:54 AM
hjs from 11211

i did 65 miles of the Camino de Santiago, this spring

i kept thinking about hunters and gathers and nature and freeness. my ancestors from 1000's of years ago

May. 30 2008 11:53 AM
Owen from Rochester

I made a pilgrimage to the Valley of the Fallen, outside Madrid--the giant fascist monument built by Gen. Franco with slave labor after the Spanish Civil War. Having studied the war in depth, this was a very moving experience for me--even though the monument glorified the person I consider the villain of that story.

May. 30 2008 11:53 AM
LB from brooklyn

I hiked the Camino de Santiago de Compostela in 2004. It was amazing. It was a meditation (I am not religious), a hard journey that really pushed me physically and mentally to a new place. And an adventure. I highly recommend it. I now have a yellow arrow tattooed on my foot!

May. 30 2008 11:51 AM
Eric from Manhattan

The amazon link to the book on the Brian Lehrer webpage is not working.

May. 30 2008 11:51 AM
Zak from Brooklyn, NY

Brian: Wasn't Wrigley amazing?

May. 30 2008 11:51 AM
Robert from NYC

My pilgrimage was not an ordeal, I went on my own to visit the tomb of Dante Alighieri in Ravenna, far from yet near enough to his beloved home Florence where he would have been executed had he returned. Rosary beads were not a requirement.

May. 30 2008 11:44 AM
hjs from 11211

it did 65 miles of the Camino de Santiago,

i kept thinking about hunters and gathers and nature and freeness. my ancestors from 1000's of years ago

May. 30 2008 11:43 AM
Trevor from lic

My dad went on a pilgrimage where the dude who wrote "Conan the Barbarian" lived.

May. 30 2008 11:30 AM
Prof. C J Reiss from China

I am in China teaching; it's a form of a pilgrimage (UK, France, Italy, Switzerland in the past) fo now I have to sign off. Instead of drug addiction the big problem here is addiction to video games so the school shuts down the internet at !!PM ie 11 AM for you, Thanks Brian, you show keeps me connected (my addiction).

May. 30 2008 10:55 AM
Libby from Upper West Side, NYC

Every trip I take out of town is a pilgrimage, as I am open to new sights and experiences. In town, I have different kinds of pilgrimages, mainly involving interpersonal relations with others, so that's more an inner experience. If one tries to live life with awareness, one is always on a pilgrimage.

May. 30 2008 10:39 AM
Daniel from Brooklyn

After my freshman year of college, I made a pilgrimage to Baltimore in order to seek out the sites where John Waters made his first films and left a mark on the town. I visited sites where he'd made films from Mondo Trasho to Pink Flamingos, ending it all up with a visit to the grave of Divine, the actor who starred in all of the early films. It was bizarre and wonderful.

May. 30 2008 10:33 AM

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