City's Sandy Repair Program to Wrap Up Next Week

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Ken Swan, who owns four buildings in Rockaway Park and is participating in NYC Rapid Repairs.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he expects all post-Sandy Rapid Repairs work to be finished by next week.

The program used contractors at government expense to help restore heat, hot water and electricity in more than 20,000 homes damaged by the October storm.

Bloomberg described the program “a textbook case of innovation, resourceful and effective response to an unprecedented natural disaster."

But Some residents and advocates said the repairs weren't rapid enough, at least in the early going.

The mayor made his remarks Friday at a VFW in hard-hit Broad Channel.

Eddie O'Hare, 53, attended and said Rapid Repairs helped him, but he's still not sure he'll be able to afford to stay. O'Hare said his flood insurance went from $2,400 to $9,500.

"This is a hard working community, a lot of seniors live here, including my mother, who is 74-years old," he said. "You're not going to be able to afford to stay on this island. With all the money the city and community invested, that's what I'm worried about."

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