CUNY Administration, Union At Odds Over 'Pathways' Initiative

The union representing faculty and staff at the City University of New York opposes an initiative that’s aimed at making it easier for students in the two-year community colleges to transfer to four-year college programs. Union leaders say the curriculum changes, known as Pathways, are too restrictive, and that they water down CUNY’s academic standards.

The conflict spilled into view this week, with ads published in several newspapers.

CUNY is defending the program, which it plans to roll out this fall.

University Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor Lexa Logue said the changes will allow for more individualized programming.

"The way the board designed Pathways was that it would have a great deal of flexibility,” she said, “so that campuses can put their own flavor on their general education curriculum."

But the union representing faculty and staff disagrees.

"The problem is that Pathways dilutes the curriculum at CUNY,” said English Professor Barbara Bowen, president of CUNY’s Professional Staff Congress. “It's a general education curriculum across all of CUNY that reduces what is required of students."

To listen to Host Amy Eddings’ full conversation with Lexa Logue and Barbara Bowen, click on the audio above.