Dynamic Duos: Debbie Harry & Chris Stein Of Blondie; Buke And Gase; The Bryants

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2 segments
In this episode: You know the saying good things come in threes?  Well some great things come in twos.  

First: we catch up with one of rock's most enduring duos: Debbie Harry and Chris Stein, co-founders of the New York new wave band Blondie. They bring in a brand new song for us to hear.

Plus: Arone Dyer and Aron Sanchez -- who invent their own instruments and perform as a duo under the name Buke And Gase -- play live in the studio.

And: we hear the story of the husband and wife team of Felice and Boudleaux Bryant -- Nashville’s first full-time, non-performing songwriters, Felice and Bouldeaux Bryant, who penned such hits as “Wake Up Little Susie” and “Love Hurts.”