New Gun Law's Magazine Limit Could Change

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The governor and legislative leaders are talking about amendments to the state’s new gun control laws. The Assembly Speaker raised the possibility that a ban on 10 bullet magazines might be reversed, but Governor Cuomo said that’s not the case.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, following a closed door meeting with Governor Cuomo and other legislative leaders, said talks are underway to possibly re-legalize possession of ten bullet magazines in some instances. Currently, only seven bullets are allowed in a magazine, except at shooting ranges and at special competitions.

Silver said it doesn’t make sense to allow the ten bullets at the shooting range, when gun owners are only allowed to carry seven bullets everywhere else.

“The law basically is inconsistent,” said Silver. “In that you can’t possess more than ten, but you can take ten to the shooting range.”

Silver was asked if it were possible that the limit could go back up to ten bullets.

“It’s under discussion,” he said.  

Silver said his top concern is that assault weapons continue to be banned, and he said lawmakers are not contemplating changing that.

But Governor Cuomo said lifting the ban on the ten bullet clips is not on the table.

“There is no discussion of that,” Cuomo said. 

The governor said they are simply talking about “technical corrections for consistency” before provisions of the gun laws take effect April 15.