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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ohio Senator Rob Portman has announced that he changed his mind and now supports gay marriage because his son is gay. We open the phone lines to hear about how personal empathy shapes public policy opinion. Then, the details of the Stop and Frisk federal trial and what to expect in the weeks ahead; a Constitutional scholar says we should neglect parts of that clunky founding document; anthropologist Robin Nagle on garbage collectors and makes the case that they do the city’s most essential job; and how do you share your family story about resilience?

Open Phones: Empathy, Politics, and Civil Rights

Ohio Senator Rob Portman came out in favor of gay marriage last week, saying he was convinced to support the issue once he learned his son was gay. President Obama also cited family, friends, and gay members of his staff in describing his decision to publicly support gay marriage. We ask: What's the intersection of experience and politics? Does a politician's change of heart mean any less when it stems from family experience rather than political conviction? Call 212-433-9692 or post your comments here.

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Stop-and-Frisk Federal Trial Begins

Ian Weinstein, professor of law and associate dean for clinical and experiential programs at Fordham University, talks about the details of the Stop and Frisk case, what's at stake, and what we can expect to hear over the coming month during the trial.

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Forget the Constitution

The argument over the Constitution is typically between the "strict constructionists" and the "living Constitution" school of thought. Louis Michael Seidman, professor of Constitutional Law at Georgetown University Law Center and the author of On Constitutional Disobedience (Oxford University Press, 2013), offers the contrarian view that the Constitution is outdated and that instead of re-interpreting it to fit current issues, it should be ignored altogether.

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Cyprus and the Latest Debt Crisis

Cyprus is the latest EU country to face bankruptcy - and potentially bring down the rest of the region with it. Joseph Cotterill, reporter for Financial Times Alphaville blog, discusses the EU's efforts to tax bank deposits - including those of regular Cyprians - and the fierce resistance to the plan.

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Behind the Scenes with NYC's Garbage Collectors

NYU anthropologist Robin Nagle is a big fan of NYC’s garbage collectors and makes the case that theirs is the city’s most essential and most dangerous job. From the SDNY glossary: disco rice = maggots.

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Open Phones: Knowing Your Family Story

Did you read the article "The Stories That Bind Us" in Sunday's New York Times? It was about research that finds that developing a strong family narrative creates stronger families and more resilient individuals. Tell us how you've passed on your family narrative or how your parents passed it along to you. Call us at 212-433-WNYC or comment here.


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