How Snoop Dogg Became A Lion; Rapping a Revolution; Time Stretching; Prince's Weirdest #1

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In this episode: A new documentary called “Reincarnated” aims to explain how the rapper Snoop Dogg became the rapper Snoop Lion. Writer Jaime Lowe tells us the transformation was about more than just a name change.

Plus: Since the Arab Spring movement began last year, autocratic governments throughout Northern Africa and the Middle East have been taken down by protestors, activists – and rappers. We speak with two hip hop artists from Egypt and Mali -- MC Deeb and Amkoullel - who were instrumental in their countries’ recent uprisings.

Also: Hip hop writer Tamara Palmer fills us in on a popular internet meme called time-stretching -- which turns 3 minute pop songs into 30 minute ambient soundscapes. 

And: Our series about unlikely chart success, That Was a Hit?!?, continues with music writer Chris Molanphy – and a truly forgettable (but totally No. 1) hit song from Prince.