Arianna Huffington on Unplugging and Slowing Down

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As founder, chair and president of The Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington champions a fast-paced, news cycle and has shaped the digital culture in which we now live. But Huffington says our round-the-clock schedules aren't working.

"They're not working at the individual level with a greater incidence of preventable chronic diseases. They're not working at the collective level [as] our health care system has become unsustainable. And they’re not working at the level of the bottom line," she says. "So I think businesses are recognizing that if we don’t integrate wellness into businesses and prioritizing what we do it can have a big impact on our productivity."

That's why Huffington says the debate over Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer's telecommuting ban misses the larger point.

"Right now, frankly, it's not about where you work," she says. "The big question is whether you're always supposed to be on. If you work from everywhere are you supposed to work all the time?"

This week on New Tech City, Huffington tells host Manoush Zomorodi that at her company, the answer is no. A self-described "sleep evangelist" and wellness obsessive, Huffington has designated special nap rooms for workers at HuffPo's headquarters.

"I believe this is great for retention, great for productivity and creativity," she says.

In addition, Huffington recently unveiled an iPhone app called GPS For The Soul, which measures stress and offers tips on how to manage it.

"We often use technology now to learn to disconnect from technology," she says.