What the Loss of Google Reader Means for Internet Users

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Google has announced that it's ending its Google Reader service.

The tool allows readers to curate a feed of their most visited web sites, so users don't have to click around and visit each web site when they log on. The decision is making waves in the tech world. And as Zachary Seward reports, it's also having an impact on many who use the service to get around government censorship.

"In Iran, it may be a much bigger deal because RSS readers, and specifically Google Reader, are used to circumvent internet censorship," Seward said.

"Those servers are located in the U.S. or another country that's free from Iranian internet censorship. So as long as an Iranian web user has access to Google Reader, Google takes care of the rest and gets access to websites that might otherwise be blocked."

To hear what the loss of Google Reader will mean for internet users, listen to host Amy Eddings' full interview with Zachary Seward, senior editor at Quartz,  by clicking the audio above.