Monday Morning Politics: Budget Battles

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Obama and Boehner continue to square off over long-term deficits, while Congress tries to come up with a budget. Nancy Cook, budget and tax correspondent for the National Journal, discusses Democrat Patty Murray and Republican Paul Ryan's dueling plans. Plus: After CPAC, the RNC has released a "Growth and Opportunity Plan" (read it below) that includes a call for immigration reform, a shorter primary season, and a turn to "data-driven" campaigning. Will it jumpstart a GOP turnaround?

Open Prep: What Brian's Reading

→ Read the Budgets (PDF): Paul Ryan's "Path to Prosperity" | Patty Murray's "Foundation for Growth"

→ Further Reading: Nancy Cook on Patty Murray | Bipartisan Policy Center Analysis of Murray and Ryan Plans | Wonkbook Compares | Forbes Comparison

→ Read the New GOP Plan