New Piano-Based Music


New music from the Neil Cowley Trio and the Bad Plus are on this New Sounds program, bands which on the surface resemble conventional piano trios, but pull liberally from the rock world and everywhere else.  We'll listen to both of their most recent releases, along with music from Rachel's, who also have a recent release.  Even though they are no longer together, this recording is of previously unavailable material.  All that, and more...

PROGRAM #3139, New Piano-Based Music  (First aired on 11/16/2010)                                                





 Bad Plus

Never Stop

Never Stop [03.51]

E1 Music
EOM CD 2112

Neil Cowley Trio

Radio Silence

Monoface [5.23]

Radio Silence [6.08]

Naim CD 147


Significant Others

Lipochase [04.29]

Rachel's Archive 2002
Only available digitally:

Bernardo Sassetti Trio


Reflexos - Movimento Circular [08.13]

Clean Feed 177

Timothy Andres

Shy and Mighty

Out of Shape [06.55]

Nonesuch 522413

Neil Cowley Trio

Radio Silence

Stereoface [06.03]

See above.

Bad Plus

Never Stop

Snowball [07.40]

See above.