#2758: O Berimbau

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Berimbau being sold on the street in Salvador, state of Bahia, Brazil

Known for being the subject matter of a popular song by Brazilian guitarist Baden Powell, the berimbau is a single-string, bow-shaped percussion from Brazil, whose origins are most likely African. The berimbau was eventually incorporated into the practice of the Afro-Brazilian martial art capoeira and is also a part of the magico-religious Candomblé-de-Caboclo tradition. For this New Sounds program, we'll hear the instrument in various new music settings, in works by Nana Vasconcelos, Cyro Baptista, Celso Fonseca, Ramiro Musotto, and more.

PROGRAM #2758, New Music for Berimbau (First aired on Tuesday, 1/22/08)

ARTIST: Ramiro Musotto
WORK: Gwyra Mi [4:30]
RECORDING: Civilizacao & Barbarye
SOURCE: Circular Moves #7027
INFO: Available via sunnysiderecords.com

ARTIST: Cyro Baptista
WORK: Cantiga [5:30]
RECORDING: Vira Loucos
SOURCE: Avant #061
INFO: Out of print. But try auction sites or Amazon.com

ARTIST: Ramiro Musotto
WORK: Majno Ma Bi [3:30]
RECORDING: Civilizacao & Barbarye
SOURCE: Circular Moves #7027
INFO: Available via sunnysiderecords.com

ARTIST: David Watson
WORK: Skirl Repeater [2:00]
SOURCE: Avant #077 
INFO: Available on Amazon.com

ARTIST: Bossacucanova
WORK: O Berimbau [4:30]
RECORDING: Revisited Classics
SOURCE: Six Degrees #1010
INFO: sixdegreesrecords.com

ARTIST: Nana Vasconcelos
WORK: O Berimbau, excerpt [8:00]
INFO: ecmrecords.com

ARTIST: Celso Fonseca
WORK: Natural
RECORDING: Teu Sorriso [5:30]
SOURCE: Six Degrees #1086
INFO: sixdegreesrecords.com

ARTIST: Various Artists: Virginia Rodrigues
WORK: Negrume DaNoite [4:30]
RECORDING: Brasil 2 Mil
SOURCE: Six Degrees #1017 
INFO: sixdegreesrecords.com

ARTIST: Airto Moreira
WORK: Dom-Um [6:00]
RECORDING: The Other Side of This 
SOURCE: Rykodisc #10207
INFO: rykodisc.com