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Monday, May 05, 2008

Recently, Atlantic Monthly columnist Sandra Tsing Loh re-thought her stance on education in America. We find out how she learned to stop worrying and love the public schools. Plus, columnist Clarence Page on the presidential campaign; and a new documentary explores the link between violence and religion.


Sandra Tsing Loh and Clarence Page

Hoosier Favorite

Clarence Page, columnist for the Chicago Tribune, gives a preview of the fast-approaching Indiana Primary.

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Fossella's Future

Liz Benjamin, who writes "The Daily Politics" column for the Daily News, talks about Congressman Vito Fossella’s arrest for drunken driving and what it means for his political future.

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Of Crosses and Crises

The new documentary Constantine's Sword, directed by Oren Jacoby from the book by James Carroll, examines church-sanctioned violence, from the Middle Ages through today's religious extremists. Jacoby and the film's producer, Betsy West, talk about the film and the issues it explores.

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Private Apples, Public Teachers

Should middle-class parents feel a civic duty to send their kids to public schools? Sandra Tsing Loh, columnist and host of "Loh Down On Science," joins us to discuss her Atlantic Monthly article about wrestling with the issue vis-a-vis her own children.

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Open Phones: Food Shortage in New York City?

The New York Times reports that supermarkets are disappearing in New York City neighborhoods. Has your neighborhood lost a supermarket? What has taken its place?

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New York Boast

Chris Shaw, vice president of digital media for the New York Post, talks about Post headlines from over the years called Headless Body in Topless Bar: The Best Headlines from America's Favorite Newspaper.

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Outposts: The Writing on the Wall

We had a taste of Kampala today.

One of the main roads is lined with store upon store selling wooden furniture, tables, chairs, beds and chests. One Ugandan scholar Aili Mari Tripp told me that when HIV/AIDS was at its peak in ...


Live Blogging the Returns

On May 6th, Brian Lehrer will be here live-blogging the returns of the North Carolina and Indiana Primaries from 7PM to 10PM.


Betsy West and Oren Jacoby

Betsy West and Oren Jacoby

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The new documentary Constantine's Sword, directed by Oren Jacoby from the book by James Carroll, examines church-sanctioned violence, from the Middle Ages ...


Geoffrey Croft

Geoffrey Croft

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Geoffrey Croft, President and Founder of New York City Park Advocates, talks about how construction in Union Square is reducing playground space, a resource the ...


Jehane Noujaim and Chris Anderson

Jehane Noujaim and Chris Anderson

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Chris Anderson, Curator of the TED conference, and Jehane Noujaim, director of the documentary film "Control Room", talk about Pangea Day on ...


Outposts: It's bananas!

This afternoon, we went to the National Agricultural Research Organization (NARO) and took a trek through the banana fields there. Now, as you probably know, New Yorkers love bananas. I think it should be the official food of the city. They're cheap, ...

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Outposts: Out of the Gate


As we touched down at Entebbe airport on Sunday evening, we saw stars… thousands of them. Welcome to Uganda and to one of the challenges facing the country: regular rolling blackouts and a general shortage of available electricity. This should make blogging an ...


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