Watch: Marina Abramovic Experiments with Neuroscience + Art

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It's Brain Awareness Week in New York City. Renowned performance artist Marina Abramović talks about her new performance art project, "Measuring the Magic of Mutual Gaze," which blends neuroscience and art. David Poeppelprofessor of psychology and neural science at NYU, explains what participatory performance art can teach about neuroscience, and what researchers can learn about participants. Suzanne Dikker, neuroscience researcher at NYU who has worked on neuroscience art projects, records Marina and Brian's brain waves during the interview, and explains what we can learn from the recording. 

Plus: Yehuda Duenyas (aka xxxy) joins briefly to talk about his neuroscience project, The Ascent

*This segment originally aired on May 13, 2013. An edited version was aired on May 27, 2013 as part of a special Memorial Day show.

More information about this weekend's workshop with Dr. Dikker at the American Museum of Natural History

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