Tyondai Braxton Brings His Multimedia "HIVE" to The Guggenheim

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Composer Tyondai Braxton writes angular, energized music, teeming with ideas and sounds. He's developing a new multimedia piece, HIVE, which he'll premier at The Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan on March 21st. Braxton joins David Garland to share his thoughts behind his music, and HIVE in particular.

Danish architect and carpenter Uffe Surland Van Tams has designed and fabricated five large, custom built pod-like platforms for the HIVE performers, and these will be situated in the Guggenheim's Frank Lloyd Wright-designed rotunda. The musicians will play modular synthesizers, percussion, and more, each linked by computers to the others and to an interacting lighting system.

Along with Braxton's comments on his work, Garland presents highlights from Central Market, and other recordings by Braxton.