Saturday Coffee Table: Money Talking Weekend Reading

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Money Talking host Charlie Herman and regular contributors Joe Nocera of the New York Times and Rana Foroohar of Time magazine tell us what they're reading this weekend.

Charlie Herman will be reading "The Big Short" by William Cohan in the April 2013 issue of Vanity Fair. It's about "the fight between Bill Ackman and Dan Loeb and investor Carl Icahn and their fight over the nutritional supplement company Herbalife."


Rana Foroohar will be reading After the Music Stopped: The Financial Crisis, the Response, and the Work Ahead by economist Alan Blinder. "The thing about Alan is he's both incredibly brilliant and really pithy, which is rare, and he outlines basically all you need to know about what happened."

Joe Nocera will be reading "Less Said" by Thomas Mallon in the New Yorker, a book review of Coolidge by Amity Schlaes. "I am following Mike Kinsley's famous line: 'Don't read the book, read the book review.'"