Sen. Gillibrand: Gun Trafficking, Sequester, and More

Thursday, March 07, 2013

NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand attends the 25th annual Brooklyn tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. at BAM Howard Gilman Opera House on January 17, 2011. (Astrid Stawiarz/Getty)

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (D) talks about her proposed legislation to combat gun trafficking and other issues.



Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

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Bob from Brooklyn

It's past time to tell those in power what we think about them. Because clearly they don't give a shit about anyone else. And that's the truth. Politeness gets you a single serving of bull.

Mar. 07 2013 02:09 PM
Bob from Brooklyn

Ender's Game. I haven't read that even though I know it's Orson Scott Cards most popular. I read a couple other books by him, but it couldn't get into his style.

Well, like you said, there's only one thing we agree with. ha! I'm sure a US Senator can handle a little rough talk. And if not, bitch should resign. No respect for the sum in Washington. NONE. They have all the power and all I got a mouth. So I'm telling all these punk ass pols what I think of them: <>

Mar. 07 2013 02:07 PM
Tony from Canarsie

Bob from Brooklyn -- They're both rip offs of Orson Scott Card's novel "Ender's Game."

And the rest of your comment is rude and ungentlemanly, to say the least.

Mar. 07 2013 01:58 PM
Bob from Brooklyn

I speak truth, Tony. Lol. The Hunger Games is recycled ca-ca.

Hey Gillibrand. You didn't get down on the floor of the sentate not ONCE during Paul's filibuster? Are you for real? Fucking bitch. Get your head out of the motha fucker Obama's ass and take a stand against extrajudicial killing in and out of this country. Fuck ing HO. You should you should resign you bloodthirsty stank. And that piece of shit in the WH needs to get impeached. RIGHT NOW. Fuck all you mothers fuckers who support this bullshit. Have fun in your fascist future dumb assholes. Christ has a special place for you in Hell.

Senators who vote Yea on Brennan are STUUPIIIDDD!!!

Chuck Schumer you suck it too, bitch. You a dumb ugly know-nothing POS. RESIGN. Lock-step Democrats are SCUM. Republicans are SCUM. Everyone is getting voted out next time around. The gig is up you no good c-nts.

-Bob from Brooklyn.

Mar. 07 2013 01:43 PM
Tony from Canarsie

Bob from Brooklyn -- "Hunger Games ripped off Battle Royale."

Finally, something we both agree on.

Mar. 07 2013 12:49 PM


Yes, I am calling the Senate a mob. I see very little evidence of independent thought and personal responsibility among its members.

Mar. 07 2013 12:10 PM

"tool is not without limits"
what are they? the only limit i know is the need to have more than 40 votes?
what mob were u talking about the senate?
the democratically elected senate?
everything should come to a vote after a reasonable time
since we both don't support paper filibusters we seem to agree there is a need to reform.

Mar. 07 2013 12:04 PM


You asked: "Also, did Rand Paul say anything about drone attacks on brown people in Iraq, Afghanistan, and who the hell knows where else?"

And then snarkily answered your own question: "Yeah, I didn't think so."

Are you sure? Did you listen to his filibuster? I don't know that he did say that, but he is one of the few people in government that believes that our use of military power and the war on terror is out of control.

Attitudes like yours prevent forward progress. Rather than support a senator for speaking truth to power, on an issue with which you agree no less, you take an uninformed partisan shot.

His father, by the way, who liberals love to paint as a right wing extremist, was one of only 6 republican house members to vote 'no' on the Authorization for Use of Military Force Against Iraq Resolution of 2002.

Mar. 07 2013 12:01 PM


Well, Rand Paul was doing it right (talking on the floor). As for a filibuster being undemocratic, I strongly disagree. The tool is not without limits, and it provides a necessary means for delaying a vote in extraordinary circumstances. This, I believe, is a critical feature of the process. When the mob gets whipped up and ready to vote on an ill-considered knee jerk motion, a person with moral conviction has the opportunity to save the mob from itself. Or, more appropriately analogous in this case, one senator can use the filibuster to try and shake the mob out of its mindless subservience to the war machine.

I do tend to agree with you that a filibuster, when done, should require a person standing and talking. Paper filibusters, like automaton senators, are corrosive to governance.

Mar. 07 2013 11:45 AM
Bob from Brooklyn

Rand Paul speaks for me on this drone issue. And pot.

Mar. 07 2013 11:28 AM

I don’t have an issue with senator paul’s stunt.
It’s the undemocraticness of the senate daily!
And whether the GOP or the Dems are running the show everything should come up for a vote after a limited period of debate

ps a filibuster shouldn't be a paper trick. standup and talk!

Mar. 07 2013 11:27 AM
Susan from Harlem

With respect to Senator Gillibrand, that is a misreading of The Hunger Games. The central character leads a REVOLUTION that overturns her unjust society. Her ex-BF becomes a bureaucrat for the new state. I'm not sure how that's better than retiring.

Mar. 07 2013 11:27 AM

What?! She's got Hunger Games all wrong! It was not her second or other boyfriend! and the end of the book is a lot more realistic than a fairy tale of super powerful do it all, change it all, fix it all human. oh well, we disagree on something now.

Mar. 07 2013 11:26 AM
Bob from Brooklyn

I thought Hunger Games was unreadable.

Mar. 07 2013 11:24 AM
Bob from Brooklyn

Hunger Games ripped off Battle Royale.

Mar. 07 2013 11:23 AM
oscar from ny

There is not one person in the world that is the same...ppl have to understand that anything in this life is a contradiction of the other...not even the most powerful ppl are in the same page...there is an entity a mesh of everyones thinking, mind, that makes this world go round and round.. at the end I know that good will triumph over bad or vice versa, either way we should never give up to stand for justice for all..

Mar. 07 2013 11:22 AM
sy from ues

Dear Senator,

if you vote against usage of drones in USA why do you support it usage against other nations? is there a difference value to the life of a foreign child or mother?
will appreciate your response.

Mar. 07 2013 11:21 AM

please ask if the filibuster should be reformed and what talks she has had with her leaders on this matter?
filibustering is undemocratic

Mar. 07 2013 11:19 AM
Bob from Brooklyn

JoeCarro - go back to the 19th century with that thinking. You're probably a small business plantation owner, aren't cha?

Mar. 07 2013 11:17 AM

Gillibrand is a politician at best....

Mar. 07 2013 11:15 AM
Bob from Brooklyn

Gillibrand FAIL on Drones. FAIL YOU BIG DUMB SENATOR. GEt off your ass and stop blowing your party. No vote for you.

Mar. 07 2013 11:13 AM

Minimum wage should be $12 an hour.

Also, did Rand Paul say anything about drone attacks on brown people in Iraq, Afghanistan, and who the hell knows where else?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

Mar. 07 2013 11:12 AM
Bob from Brooklyn

The military justice system is a big a joke as the civilian justice system.

Mar. 07 2013 11:12 AM
Shaneeza Aziz from Brooklyn

Nobody can live on $10 an hour and support a family. We need more legal protection for workers, rather than focus on raising the minimum wage.

Mar. 07 2013 11:10 AM

if you raise the minimum wage you will cause more unemployment and cause small business to not hire young people.

Mar. 07 2013 11:09 AM
Bob from Brooklyn

$10 over three years? TOO LITTLE, TOO SLOW, TOO LATE. Increase that shit to $20 and tell those big business ass-holes they either play game or go to jail for breaking the law.

Mar. 07 2013 11:08 AM
Bob from Brooklyn

Hey Gillibrand. Why didn't you speak out on the floor with Rand Paul? You're my rep so f-cking do your job and shut this military-industrial complex DOWN.

Mar. 07 2013 11:00 AM


Really? A senator tries to get the robots to wake up and put an end to the madness of drone culture and you want to muzzle him? If you choose to respond, please try to answer the question without incorporating partisan taking points or labeling anyone.

Mar. 07 2013 10:47 AM
Bob from Brooklyn

Right on, Rand Paul. That's one guy who doesn't just roll over and take it.

That dude Brennan should be in prison, along with half the CIA and Obama Administration. These bastards are making shi t up to kill people on US soil, torture people, etc ETC! Screw these 'leaders'. They are Domestic Terrorists. FU OBAMA, BRENNAN, BIDEN, BUSH, CHENEY, lackeys and power hunger Washingtion c_nts. All the generals and military creeps, psychotic police and the department of injustice. Screw these ass-holes.

Man.. I'm pissed today. This government is full of killers and murderers and corruption. At least we still got the 1st amendment. Go s-ck it, lobbyist c-nt bags.

Mar. 07 2013 10:36 AM

Rand Paul did a great thing to bring the issue to light and stand his ground.

Mar. 07 2013 10:08 AM

filibuster reform, now please!!!

Mar. 07 2013 08:53 AM

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