A Decade At War: Afghanistan, Iraq & Counterinsurgency

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Friday, March 08, 2013

Broadcast Times: Friday, 11pm on AM 820, Saturday, 6am on 93.9FM, Saturday, 2pm on AM820 and Sunday, 8pm on AM820.

After a decade of war, the soldiers are home from Iraq and they are coming home from Afghanistan.  But we are left to ponder and debate the important lessons from these wars. Consensus has hardly been reached on the effectiveness of the war-fighting doctrine known as “counterinsurgency.”  

On the 10th anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, America Abroad presents: A Decade At War: Afghanistan, Iraq & Counterinsurgency.  During this program, we will hear from soldiers, local military personnel and military commanders, including General Stanley McChrystal. In addition experts discuss and debate the effectiveness of counterinsurgency and the future of warfare.

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Jessie Henshaw from Way Uptown

I also heard another program this weekend, a journalistic review of "the surge" in Iraq and then repeated less successfully in Afghanistan. Bot that program and this one seem to contain buckets of rationalization, a fair amount of revisionist history too.

The "Suni awakening" that made "the surge" seem to work in Iraq was NOT caused by the surge. That would put cause after effect. Nor was it caused by our efforts to "win hearts and minds". What is closer to the truth is it was a smart move by the Suni's to get us out of their towns, showing that they could run them a whole lot better than we could. Petraus was smart enough to not be able to but agree, the same as Regan was smart enough not to be confrontational with Gorbachev.

The discussion of "nation building" on this program also shows a self-serving military view of the cultural dilemmas caused by invading a country already destabilized by invading forces of other kinds, both radical and economic. Hurry-up nation building of the kind our military does is more of a cover up for leaving a complete mess behind, as real nation building can't be done on the cheap and fast.

Most often intruding in any country simply degrades its own cultures and institutions ever further, as colonialism did with, possibly sincere but equally misguided, efforts to pacify populations so foreign businesses could operate.

Mar. 10 2013 08:38 PM
Walter from PL

I am just reading Naomi Klein's book on the disaster capitalism. It is somewhat funny to listen some of the statements on the war in Iraq which were made in this program.

Mar. 09 2013 06:36 AM

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