What's Going On? Teen Talk on Sexual Cyberbullying

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A two-part conversation on April 4th, 2013, for NYC teenagers about the realities of sexual cyberbullying and what can be done about it.

* Online live chat here on our website during the school day from 1PM-2PM EST

* Teen town hall event after school at WNYC’s Greene Space from 4PM-6PM EST

These days many teenagers live half their lives on social media sites, and they're writing the rules as they go. 16-year-old Radio Rookie Temitayo Fagbenle reported a story that aired both nationally and internationally about a disturbing trend known as "slut-shaming," or posting and commenting on sexually explicit photos and videos of teenage girls. These images inundate the social media feeds of many teenagers and have repercussions far beyond the schoolyard.  

In January, Radio Rookies facilitated an in-class live chat on our website so high school students from around NYC could discuss the issues Temitayo’s story brought to light.

On Thursday, April 4, 2013, Radio Rookies continued the engaging discussion that was started that day but shifted the focus to solutions. Temitayo and 18-year-old Rookie graduate AJ Frazier co-hosted the follow up conversation with teens from around the city both online and in-person.

Teen hosts Temitayo and AJ facilitated a community conversation focused on what teenagers, educators, parents and social media sites can do to help stop this disturbing trend.