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Sunday, March 03, 2013

Broadcast Times: Sunday, 7am on AM 820 and 9pm on 93.9FM

 Neuroscientists have made remarkable discoveries about the brain, but we're not close to cracking the mystery of consciousness.  How does a tangle of neurons inside your skull

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Jessie Henshaw from Way Uptown

To claim we have no clue to how the mind arises from the brain treats it as the only problem of that sort we have, distracting us from asking what else in nature we also seem to have no way of explaining in the same general way. When you do that "taxonomy" of the similar "unknown unknown" problems I think it pushes the threshold of one's curiosity in a very interesting way.

Just start with asking about why organisms at the simplest levels of life, with no or hardly any brains at all, like bugs and microbes and all that sort of thing, still seem to have clear individual self-identity and foraging behavior, clearly indicating environmental awareness and learning. Those inexplicable behaviors are also quite clearly "responsive" and "energy consuming" is another strong bit of evidence.

Bugs are not at all the only things that point to a behavior of matter beyond our view of that kind... That helps characterizes the problem, doesn't it? I think if you keep adding to the list of phenomena for which we have that same kind of deep explanatory problem it will point you to places where you can "go and look" for what behavior that really is.

Mar. 03 2013 07:25 AM

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