Roadblocks on the Digital Highway

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Friday, March 28, 2008

City-wide wireless internet connections promised to bridge the digital divide, but were the plans overly ambitious? Plus, updates on the Sean Bell trial and the Tibet uprising. And a chat with Barack.

Crowd Sourcing Project: Dig in and tell us what angels or devils you find in the details of the congestion pricing plan!

Sean Bell Update

Nicole Bode, reporter for the New York Daily News, and WNYC reporter Arun Venugopal update the latest in the Sean Bell trial.

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Trouble in Tibet

Melinda Liu, Newsweek Beijing Bureau Chief discusses the recent uprising in Tibet, the role the Dalai Lama played, and how the Beijing Olympics figure in.

Video: Protests in Tibet (Al Jazeera English on YouTube)

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Error: Network Not Found

The promise of comprehensive urban wireless internet access has faded. Ian Urbina, reporter for the New York Times, discusses the troubles facing low-cost wi-fi around the country.

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Following Up : 0% Financing and the Bobst Library

We answer a few burning questions that came up this week. What's the scoop on zero percent financing, and how exactly do you pronounce the name of this?

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Following Up: Looting

Jason Nier, associate professor of psychology at Connecticut College, talks about looting, especially at the scene of a disaster.

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Congestion Pricing: What's Next?

The last in our series on congestion pricing. What's going on ten days before the vote?

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Debriefing Barack Obama

WNYC’s Bob Hennelly chats about his interview with Barack Obama.

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Open Phones: Did You Support Howard Dean?

What if your candidate isn't chosen? Listeners who supported Howard Dean in 2004 call in. Did you give money to the Dean campaign? Who did you vote for, or did you choose not to vote in the national election?

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